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The Etiquette Factory on Live at Five in Knoxville, TN
  The Etiquette Factory, the world leader in etiquette education, offers exclusive etiquette camps, training and services all over the world.

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The Etiquette Factory Exclusive Programs

Our Exclusive Manners Program Includes:

  • Fun Games & Kind Discussions about Proper Etiquette
  • Quick pace & Energetic Learning Styles
  • Emphasis on Helping Others to feel Valued
  • Take Home Highlights so Parents Know exactly what was Taught
  • Lots of Laughter!!
  • Guarantee of Improved Behavior & Good Manners

"I have to tell you that we LOVE The Etiquette Factory! My children beg to do their etiquette lessons. Best of all, I can already see such a difference in their behavior. On a more personal note, your curriculum has been so helpful in teaching my son with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) proper social skills. It's very hard for him to learn by observing others. I love that the Etiquette Factory breaks everything down into great detail and bite-size chunks for him. So much makes sense to him now that before was confusing. He's gained so much confidence in his social skills, and that confidence has helped him more eagerly approach social situations he would have avoided in the past. You really have a great product for this market. It's another avenue for you to pursue. You have one happy customer!"
~ Dede, Mom
"What a true blessing for my 12 year old son to spend a week with you in the etiquette camp. It is great to hae someone else to reaffirm what we teach in our family (but you seeminly made it more fun... how do you do that?). We look forward to mroe occasions with you and etiquette."
~ Jamie, mom
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