The Etiquette Factory With Mrs. Misa
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The Etiquette Factory With Mrs. Misa

Inland Empire Families join the FUN
The Etiquette Factory is a unique learning experience designed to help children reach their full potential by giving them the necessary tools they need to build successful lives. We define manners as helping those around you feel valued and comfortable. The exclusive program teaches children priceless morals that will help them starting day one. Children will learn skills that will impact them scholastically and socially. I feel strongly about the need to educate children in the art of etiquette to help ensure their future success. The exclusive program helps children understand why Civility, Respect, and Empathy impact lives both personally and professionally. Over 50 different etiquette skills are taught using games, role play, crafts, music, stories, and thoughtful discussion. Some of the skills included are:Introductions, Dining Etiquette, Kindness, Communication, A Polite Guest, Making Mistakes, Dealing with Bullying, and much more! Take Home Highlights, so Parents know what was taught
and Lots of laughter!!


Manners For Minis (Recommended Ages: 4-5)
Manners & Social Skills For Kids (Ages: 6-12)
Manners & Social Skills For Teens ( Ages: 13-18)
Dining Etiquette For Kids & Teens

*Themed Classes
Super Hero Manners (Ages: 4-10)
Polite Princess Manners Tea Party (Ages: 4-10)

*Girl Scouts/Social Butterfly Badge & Brownie/Making Friends Badge: Let The Etiquette Factory help your troop earn their badge! (Badge not included).
Social Butterfly Badge: Introductions, Polite Conversation, Dining Etiquette, Being a Guest, Invitation/RSVP Etiquette & Thank You Notes.
Making Friends Badge: Proper Introductions, Empathy, How to Share & How to Disagree.

*About Mrs. Misa
Mrs. Misa is a graduate of California State University Northridge. She is a mother of three. Mrs. Misa is currently pursuing her master’s degree in I-O Psychology. Moreover, Mrs. Misa is a "Professionally Certified for Children and Business Etiquette Educator." She is the "Licensed Owner of the Etiquette Factory with Mrs. Misa," serving Anaheim Hills & Inland Empire Cities. Mrs. Misa has completed her "Life Skills For You" curriculum training. Also, she has completed a background check with Intelicorp, and Live Scan. Mrs. Misa is certified in Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED.

Teachers, Principles, Scouts, and PTA Leaders. Would you like to have The Etiquette Factory Program brought to you? Call for a free consultation. The program is tailored to your specifications!

I am incredibly excited to bring this program to the Inland Empire. Blessings & Make It A Great Day!

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