the Etiquette Factory by Pickle Pie's Playroom
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the Etiquette Factory by Pickle Pie's Playroom


Hi! My name is 

Anna Ortega and 

I'm so excited to share

the Etiquette Factory 

with you.


The etiquette Factory is unique learning experience design to change the world one child at a time. We define manners as: Helping those around us feel valued and comfortable. With over 140 different etiquette skills taught using roleplay, stories, music, games and kind discussion your child is sure to enjoy learning.

Our exclusive program will help you child understand the importance of having integrity, respect, empathy and charity in their everyday lives. Instruction in Proper Introduction, Dining etiquette, Kindness Tact, Conversation, Being a guest, A clean mouth, Sincere apologies and so much more will open doors the best education cannot.

Anna is a wife and mother of three. She has over 17 yrs experience with children and has owned and operated children establishments since 2010. Which has included Toy retail, Tearoom, Party planning, Children's events and Childcare. Mrs.Ortega is a "Professionally Certified Childrens Etiquette Educator."

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