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Etiquette For Beginners Combo Set   $44.95

For Children Pre-K through 3rd Grade

Oh how I love this little combo!  It's what started The Etiquette Factory!

Educators, this is our original program, Etiquette for Beginners. We love this little DVD and teacher's manual and have sold thousands of them.  Please be aware however, that this program was created in 2009 and the vidoes on this DVD were not filmed in "High Definition" resolution.  This means that if you play it on a large, high resolution TV, it may be a little grainy.   Now, we still play ours on our high defiition TV and my grandchilren and I think it's still amazing, but please keep that in mind as you decide which product is best for your family.

In addition, just recently, we have rebranded this product and added so much more to this origianl set.  It's now called FUNdamentals4Kids and it is a monthly manners subscription box.  It's simply wonderful.  It has its own website.  To learn more about this new, exciting program that immerses your children even more into the fun of learning manners. click HERE.

Teachers, moms and children will enjoy and thrive in this unique learning environment. Each week your children will master a new etiquette skill by using songs, stories, games, crafts, yummy treats and kind discussion.

Etiquette Skills to be Mastered Are:
What is Etiquette Magic Words Table Manners
Saying Hello Cleaning Up Good Hygiene
Kindness Being a Guest The "No" Word
Sharing Sincere Apologies A Clean Mouth is a Cherished Gift

Etiquette "Set Right" Placemats   $20.00

Colorful, fun, educational and even attractive for your table. Illustration of proper table setting along with table etiquette reminders printed on placemats. Laminated for easy cleaning. Once a week, choose 1 dining etiquette skill from the placemat for the whole family or class to improve on. Remember, positive reinforcement is key. 4 Placemats in the Pack.

E.F. Kids T-Shirt   $20.00

Give your Children the Official Etiquette Factory T-shirt to celebrate their completion of The Etiquette for Beginner's Program, or just to celebrate having great manners!  Your children will love these fun t-shirts and you will be directly responsible for spreading the need for Good Manners around the world! Order TODAY!!  

Etiquette Jukebox CD   $12.95

Hold on to your hats, you're going to love this CD. 18 sing-a-long jingles, you and your kids can enjoy, while at the same time learn manners for all occasions. Statistics show that children learn faster and remember longer when they learn information through singing, rhyming and chanting. You and your children are going to be amazed at the fun, yet the wisdom that will be gained through singing these sweet, funny and amazingly entertaining songs about etiquette. For ages preschool through 4th grade.

18 Songs Included:
The Etiquette Factory When the Telephone Rings Freddy the Fox
Let’s Use Manners When We Share Table Manners Count
Presents, Big & Small The Mighty Children Oh How We Need To Be Clean
“Hello” From Me to You Magic Words I Don’t Like The Word “No”
Kindness, Kindness Crazying Cleaning Machines I’m Sorry
Don’t Be A Bully Potty Mouth Being A Guest

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