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Potential International Owners:

Please call 1-855-588-6266 or email to receive your authorization code to continue your purchase of the International Educator License.

Step #1 Call or Email us with your request for becoming an International Owner.
Step #2 Upon approval you will be given an authorization code.
Step #3 Return back to this page, and input your code to make your purchase.

Each international educator must first complete an interview with an Etiquette Factory representive before being approved to become an educator.

Upon approval an authorization code will be given to you. Please enter that code below to proceed with purchasing your license:

Please Enter Your Approved Authorization Code:

About the International Owner License

INTERNATIONAL Educator Owner License and Training Program

International Owners License includes the Children's Educator License and the Business Educator License. An Etiquette Factory Owner's License is a License to operate “The Etiquette Factory Program” in your community. This is your business, you own it. In addition, you will be trained and certified through the Etiquette Factory Training Program, which you will complete in your own home through the Etiquette Factory Educator's website. Wow, one more thing. You will receive the 3 Phase Etiquette Factory Learning System. This is an amazing opportunity. Join our team today!

An owner’s license gives you the opportunity to operate your own Etiquette Factory Business, which may or may not include:

• Summer Camps
• Speaking Engagements
• One Day Workshops
• After School Enrichment Programs
• Retail Distribution of the Etiquette Factory Program
• Participation in Conventions and other Sales Opportunities
• Much, much more.

As a Certified Etiquette Factory Educator and Business Owner, you will have access to:

• Ongoing Training offered through the Etiquette Factory Training Department
• The Educator’s Blog
• The Etiquette Factory Products at Wholesale Pricing
• Etiquette Factory Certified Teachers to Teach and Expand your program
• Continued Support in all aspects of your Etiquette Factory Business
• New Product and Program Releases
• Much, much more

Upon completing the training program, license agreement, background check, in addition to approval from the Etiquette Factory Business Office, you will receive your Etiquette Factory Business Owner’s License and your Certified Educator’s License (which is the Teacher’s License).

For further questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at 855-LUV-MANNERS

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