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Potential International Owners:

Please call (865) 719-7302 or email to receive your authorization code to continue your purchase of the International Educator License.

Step #1 Call or Email us with your request for becoming an International Owner.
Step #2 Upon approval you will be given an authorization code.
Step #3 Return back to this page, and input your code to make your purchase.

Each international educator must first complete an interview with an Etiquette Factory representive before being approved to become an educator.

International License Cost $2,995.00

Upon approval an authorization code will be given to you. Please enter that code below to proceed with purchasing your license:

Please Enter Your Approved Authorization Code:

Is The Etiquette Factory right for you?

We are changing the world, one child at a time!

At The Etiquette Factory, we specialize in helping children reach their full potential. We support parents in their goals of giving their children the necessary tools they need to build successful lives--both personally and professionally.

Your International License includes both the Business Educator License
and the Children's Educator License.


Become certified today in Business Etiquette Training and begin a career in an exciting field with endless opportunities. The Etiquette Factory leads the market in professional etiquette training with it's amazing program, easy training, one on one support, continuing educational opportunities, and much much more. Look and see what is included in this training.

Business Etiquette Educator License includes:



Children's Etiquette Educator License includes:
  • Step by step training for our 12-15 hour Manner's Camp Program. Our program is amazing and fun and there is no other program like it. We will walk you through every single thing you will teach the children, how you will teach them, what you will say, the games you will play, the songs you will sing and more. There is nothing for you to figure out and you will not be saying, "How am I going to teach this skill to the children?" Why? Because we have done all of that for you. It's not difficult to learn, but you must know it so well, that you can stand in front of a group of children and teach with confidence and ease. We will help you.
  • 142 short 3 minute training videos that you will watch that will teach you every etiquette skill that we teach. The videos are fun and informative and you will quickly become an expert in the art of proper etiquette.
  • Our "3 Phase Learning System" which is our at-home curriculum. This curriculum will become a great resource for you and you will enjoy becoming familiar with the core products at The Etiquette Factory.
  • 4 quizzes that you must complete and pass.
  • Personalized Webpage on The Etiquette Factory website. You will not need to create your own website. Instead, you will have a custom page on our site with your bio, your class schedule and all other information you wish to provide your customers.
  • Zipcode locator so people can find you. If someone types in their zip code, and you live within 100 miles of them, your name and webpage along with your contact information will pop up.
  • Continued Marketing training through our quarterly online live webinars.
  • Company support by email and telephone or SKYPE. You can call us anytime for help, questions or support.
  • A wholesale account that you will be given, so you can market all of The Etiquette Factory product line.
  • A Certificate of Completion once you have completed all necessary training.
  • A friendly support team that wants you to succeed and knows that when you succeed, we all succeed.


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What are the Attributes needed to be a Licensed Etiquette Factory Educator?

You must have:

As an Etiquette Factory Educator, we must be the perfect example of a true lady/perfect gentleman at all times. The reputation of the company is a direct result of the reputation of our Educators.

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We hope you choose to be an Etiquette Factory Educator!

"Hi, I'm Monica Irvine, founder of The Etiquette Factory. I hope you now have a better idea of what it means to be a Licensed Etiquette Factory Educator. It's exciting. There's never been more of a demand than right now for educators willing to help parents help their children navigate down the road to success. The rewards are huge. Come be a part of a growing company with endless opportunities. Gain a reputation in your community of someone who is changing the lives of children and families.

Thank you for your time."

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