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Etiquette Teacher's License and Training Program

The Etiquette Factory Teacher's License is a license to teach for a Certified Etiquette Factory Owner. If interested in becoming a licensed teacher, contact the Etiquette Factory Owner in your area.

Etiquette Teacher's License:

To be eligible for an Etiquette Factory Teacher’s License, you must have an Etiquette Factory Owner in your area (within 60 radius miles), that has agreed to allow you to work for their Etiquette Factory business.

A Teacher’s License is required for anyone to work as an Etiquette Factory Educator.

As a Certified Etiquette Factory Educator, you will have access to:
• Ongoing Training offered through the Etiquette Factory Training Department
• The Educator’s Blog
• All pdfs, printables and templates necessary for the classroom experience

Upon completing your training, license agreement, background check, in addition to approval from the Etiquette Factory Business Office, you will receive your Certified Educator’s License (which is the Teacher’s License).

For further questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at 855-LUV-MANNERS
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