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Educator Opportunities!

What does an Etiquette Factory Educator do?  Well, that’s up to you.  We have several different avenues available for you to access.  You are not required to access them all, but we hope you don’t miss any opportunities.  Let me explain.

#1  First, let’s talk camps!  As soon as you complete the Etiquette Factory training program and you have received your Etiquette Factory certified educator certificate, you can begin scheduling your camps.  The Etiquette Factory has several different camp structures for you to choose between.  We offer Etiquette Camps and Workshops as:

It’s basically, what works best for your schedule.  These programs are so fun, so easy, and very little cost.  These camps and workshops are a great source of income and a great way to promote your business.

#2  Let’s talk conventions!  Because the Etiquette Factory program and curriculum was designed for children of all ages, and because it was designed to be used in many different educational settings, as an Etiquette Factory Educator, you can take advantage of the large spectrum from which to promote your business.  Upon approval, you may participate in the conventions in your area where the Etiquette Factory product line would be a great asset to the convention and its patrons.  Here’s the type of conventions that the Etiquette Factory Product Line would be a great success:

You will soon learn that our product line is a great fit for many different settings.

#3  Let’s talk Private Promotions.  The Etiquette Factory Program was designed to be used:

With such versatility, you can see why the limits are endless for you to promote your business.  As one of the Etiquette Factory Educators in your area, you can be a contact and resource for each one of these educational institutions.

What does the Etiquette Factory do for you?


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