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Business Etiquette Educator License

Convention Supply Set
Convention Supply Set includes 4 foot by 6 foot banner, orange table cloth, table runner. These products are of the finest material with bright colors and wrinkle resistant material. The banners comes with drummers on all four sides.

Life Skills for You Online Learning for Schools and Professionals

Etiquette Camper's Gift Set (12 of each item)
This set includes:
12 T-Shirts
12 Jukebox CDs
12 Set Right Placemats

Complete EF Curriculum (All 3 Levels) without Online Programs

Parents, imagine your children having endless doors of opportunity opened to them as teens and young adults due to their impeccable character, their dedication to treating others with respect and kindness, and their unique leadership ability.  These are the qualities of people who will suceed both personally and professionally.  This goal is our goal.  We want to help you give your childern the skills that increase your child's potential for success 1000 fold.  

This product is the complete Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learnig Program without the online component.  This is our original program that has been on the market since 2010.  It's wonderful. It's the original.  This product is perfect for the family that does not care for online content.  

The Complete EF Curriculum is the best value! It includes the 3 Phase Learning Program and the Etiquette Factory Storybook Series (12 storybooks in all).

The 3 Phase Learning Program is designed to educate, inspire and motivate children, ages pre-school through high school, in the art of etiquette.

3 Phase Learning Program Includes:

  • Etiquette for Beginners Teacher's Manual

  • Etiquette for Beginner's DVD set

  • Etiquette Jukebox CD

  • Etiquette Intermediate Book

  • Etiquette Masters Book

  • 4 Etiquette “Set Right” Placemats


The Etiquette Factory storybook series is dedicated to helping children master the art of proper manners and social skills through fun exciting stories with heartwarming and sometimes mischievous characters.  These stories and characters will soon be favorites by adults and children alike.

At the end of each storybook, is a few questions that allow parents (or teachers) and children to discuss the meaning and message of each story.  Take the time to answer these questions and witness the rewards and understanding that come to your children.  Manners are essential to ensure your children's success both personally and professionally.  It truly is the medicine for a happy life. 

Storybooks Include:

  1. A Banquet with the Queen - A book about table manners.

  2. Alligator Earl - A book about proper introductions.

  3. Becoming a King - A book about using the Magic Words.

  4. Rose and the Jungle Boy - A book about Proper Manners.

  5. Sweet Smelling Samson - A book about practicing Good Hygiene.

  6. The NO Book - A book about accepting the word “No” politely.

  7. Where's Buck?- A book about Kindness.

  8. Sharing is for Everyone- A book about Sharing.

  9. One Messy Pig- A book about Cleaning Up After Ourselves.

  10. Tiny's Branch- A book about giving Sincere Apologies

  11. The Little Angels- A book about being a Polite Guest.

  12. The Tongue Who Became Free- A book about keeping a Clean Mouth

Fairy Forest Tea Party

The "Fairy Forest Tea Party” focuses on the etiquette skill; a lady cherishes the earth. A true lady knows that her home encompasses the whole earth and she knows that it is her honor to do her part in helping to take care of this earth and the living things around her. The game, activity and etiquette lesson in this tea party, are sweet reminders to help young girls recognize these responsibilities. The host will be giddy with excitement as she learns how to create a beautiful mini fairy garden and fairy doors, along with a couple of gnome houses. Oh this is going to be great fun!!! Perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, this tea party is simply adorable!!

  • Introduction

  • Letter to Parents

  • 8 Invitations & 8 Envelopes

  • 10 Place Card Settings

  • Drink & Food Labels

  • Several Supplies for Decorations

  • Activity Page (including craft & game)

  • Treat & Drink Recipes

  • Etiquette Lesson (taught by the host)

  • Shopping List

  • Planner Calendar

  • 8 7” Plates

  • 16 Napkins

  • 10 Paper Straws

  • Fancy Scissors

  • 1 Wooden Birdhouse

  • 1 Pack River Rocks

  • 1 Plant Holder Bottom

  • 8 Wooden Embellishments

  • 2 Rolls of Tulle

  • 8 Glass Vintage Jars

  • 6 Butterflies

  • 8 Wooden 5x7” Plaques

  • 2 Wooden Round Tops

  •  8 Wooden Beads

For ages 7-14 years

Additional craft supplies will be needed to complete the suggested projects to personalize your party.

Life Skill's Logistics Bundle for High School

Parents & Teens,

I am so excited to bring you this amazing program.  This Life Skill's Logisitcs Bundle focuses on teaching skills that will help teens manage their lives more effectively and with greater confidence.  This is a "MUST DO" for every teen before they leave for college or as they are preparing for adult life.

Each module takes approximately 2 weeks to complete if the student spends 10-15 minutes per day on it.  Students will watch a 5-10 minute power point video that is dictated to the student (approximately 5-8 vidoes come with each module).  Then, students will answer the questions in the accompying student workbook (which you will download, unless you want to pay extra for the printed workbooks to be shipped to you).  There will always be a few assignments to complete a task that will further help students develop these skills.

This is a ONE YEAR ACCESS TO THE CURRICLUM, however to renew for another year is only $49.00.

The 12 Life Skill's modules are:

  • Managing Your Time

  • Getting a Job

  • Income

  • Bills

  • Budgeting

  • Banking and Savings

  • Investing and Retirement

  • Starting a Business

  • Planning Meals

  • Automobiles

  • Home Maintenance

  • Life After High School

Managing Your Time 

This online course will help students learn how to manage their time, set goals, establish priorities and have a schedule for success.  Students will:

  1. Begin a 10 year plan for their life.

  2. Set long term and short term goals for their plan.

  3. Create task lists and prioritize their activity.

  4. Create daily schedule.

  5. Record their day in a journal and plan for the next day and week.

Getting a Job  

 This online course will help students learn about their personality type, evaluate their skills and prepare a resume and job application that they will use when they interview.  Students will:

  1. Understand more about their interests and strengths.

  2. Do research to learn more about jobs that interest them.

  3. Accurately complete a job application.

  4. Accurately complete a resume.

  5. Learn how to dress for an interview.

  6. Learn how to answer questions during an interview.

  7. Learn how to write a thank you letter.


 This online course will help students learn the many different ways pay is calculated.  Students will:

  1. Understand how their paychecks are calculated including hourly, salary, tips and commission.

  2. Understand what withholdings are taken out of their paychecks and what amounts those withholdings should be.

  3. Understand what a paycheck stub tells them about their income and deductions.

  4. Understand how to complete a w-4 and a direct deposit form.


 This online course will help students learn skills that will enable them to be more wise when buying or renting a home and managing their bills.  Students will:

  1. Learn the vocabulary of buying a home.

  2. Learn the components of a morgage loan.

  3. Learn the stages to getting a home loan.

  4. Learn the types of home rentals available.

  5. Learn the terminology related to renting a home.

  6. Learn how to read a utility bill.


 This online course will help students learn how to estimate your income, then set up a budget that pay's bills and debt while leaving money for savings.  Students will:

  1. Learn the seven components of a budget.

  2. Use a spreadsheet program to setup a budget.

  3. Graph a budget using a spreadsheet program.

Banking & Savings  

This online course will help students understand the purpose of banking institutions and the services they provide.  Students will:

  1. Learn what a bank is and the services it provides.

  2. Learn what a credit union is and the services it provides.

  3. Learn about the types of accounts available through financial institutions and what the advantages and disadvantages are of these accounts.

  4. Learn about the fees associated with financial institutions.

  5. Learn how to use a check register and how to record their income and expenses.

  6. Learn how to balance their bank statements and banking accounts.

Investing and Retirement

This online course will help students understand where and how to invest their money so that they can have security in their life.  One is NEVER too young to learn these skills and start investing. Students will:

  1. Make sense of Investing

  2. Learn the language of Stocks

  3. Learn about Bonds

  4. Learn about Mutual Funds

  5. Learn about The Money Market

  6. Learn about 401ks and Other Retirement Accounts

Starting a Business  

 This online course will help students understand some of the macro level planning that takes place when starting a business.  Mission statements, business structures, advertising, selling online, and establishing a website are topics covered in this course.  Students will:

  1. Write a mission statement for their business.

  2. Choose a business structure for their business.

  3. Determine which permits and zoning apply to their business.

  4. Choose a site for their business.

  5. Calculate the costs and selling prices of their products.

  6. Learn about designing a website.

  7. Design advertisments for their business.

  8. Write a business plan.

  9. Learn how to sell products online.

Planning Meals  

 This online course will help students learn about the basics of nutritious food and will teach them how to track food intake for one week. Students will:

  1. Successfully track what they ate over the course of a week.

  2. Learn to accurately divide the food they eat into appropriate categories.

  3. Use a chart to identify their personal recommended daily calorie intake.

  4. Learn how to identify the number of calories in a serving of the foods they commonly eat.

  5. Plan a one-week menu that is healthy and nutritious.

  6. Correctly price the cost of the weekly menu they created.

  7. Learn how to properly weigh and measure food.

  8. Learn cost comparison.

  9. Use math to cut recipes and enlarge recipes.

  10. Learn substitutes for common ingredients.


 This online course will teach students about automobilies including how they operate and how to maintain them.  Students will:

  1. Learn the four main body types of vehicles.

  2. Learn how to check oil levels and how to decide what oil to purchase.

  3. Learn how a radiator keeps an engine from overheating.

  4. Learn how to check radiator fluid levels and where to find the appropriate type of radiator fluid for a vehicle.

  5. Learn how brake fluid allows brakes to operate.

  6. Learn how to check brake fluid levels.

  7. Learn how to to add window washer fluid.

  8. Learn how to identify the size of a tire and what size code means.

  9. Learn how to identify the correct air pressure for a vehicle's tire, how to check tire air pressure and how to add or remove air from tire.

  10. Learn how to correctly change a flat tire.

  11. Learn the appropriate rotation for tires on a vehicle.

  12. Learn the belt system and how to check that the belt is in good operating condition.

  13. Learn how to identify when wiper blades should be replaced and how to replace them.

  14. Learn how to identify and replace a blown fuse.

  15. Learn about the parts of an internal combustion engine and how a four stroke engine works.

Home Maintenance

 This online course will teach students how to protect the single largest financial investment that most people will make in their lifetime.  Students will:

  1. Learn how to clean and care for their home.

  2. Learn how to do some simple maintenance to further care for their home.

  3. Learn how to clean different types of floor so as not to damage or diminish their value.

  4. Learn about different cleaners and how to create cleaning charts to keep you organized.

  5. Learn how to shut off the utilities in your home and why this is sometimes necessary.

  6. Learn other important home manintenace skills.

Life After High School  

This online course will help students better understand the various choices available to them for their future.  Most decisions we make about our future career and income potential are made during and right after we finish High School.  Are you prepared to make these decisions.  Let us help you.  Students will:

  1. Learn about various degree's, certificates and training programs available to you.

  2. Consider the pros and cons of various paths for furthering their education and be better prepared to make these important decisions that affect their future.

Parents, I hope you have taken your students through the Life Skills for You program that is on our website.  It is amazing and it focuses on the heart.  It teaches skills that will develop your children's ability to have successful happy relationships both personally and professionally.  It focuses on etiquette, character development, conversation skills, table manners and other human developmental skills.

The Life Skill's Logistics Bundle is meant to help our children further develop the essential skills that will literally help them manage their day to day lives. What we are hearing from many college professors and many employers is that students are showing up to college or jobs, etc., with a severe deficiency in life skills (the ability to care for themselves and their responsibilities outside of the classroom).  This creates an enormous amount of stress for students that can lead to diminished academic achievement or work performance.

Please give your students every opportuntity to be successful by investing in these two wonderful programs.  For questions about this product or any other product, please contact us through our contact page on this site.

Very best,

Monica Irvine

Hearts & Hugs Tea Party

The "Hearts & Hugs Tea Party" focuses on friendship and the etiquette skill that a lady cherishes her friends. The game, craft and etiquette lesson will help the children remember that having great friends starts with being a good friend. A true lady is always grateful for her friends and shows this gratitude through kind words and kind acts of service. Perfect for any occasion, including birthday parties, the "Hearts & Hugs Tea Party" is amazing!

Tea Party Kit Includes:

  • Introduction

  • Letter to Parents

  • 8 Invitations & 8 Envelopes

  • 10 Place Card Settings

  • Drink and Food Labels

  • Several Supplies for Decorations

  • Activity Page (including craft & game)

  • Treat Recipes

  • Drink Recipe or Suggestion

  • Etiquette Lesson (taught by the host)

  • Shopping List

  • Planner Calendar

  • 3 Scrapbooking pages

  • 1 Heart Cookie Cutter

  • 8 7” Plates

  • 16 Napkins

  • 10 Paper Straws

  • 1 (25 yd) Red Tulle

  • 2 Dow Rods for Centerpiece

  • 2 5” Foam Balls

  • 144 Corsage Pins

  • 12 Cookie Sticks

  • 2 (24pk) Heart Doilies

  • 1 Pair of Fancy Scissors

  • 2 Flower Punch Outs

For ages 7-14 years

Additional craft supplies will be needed to complete the suggested projects to personalize your party.

Ladies in Wonderland Tea Party

The "Ladies in Wonderland Tea Party" focuses on the etiquette skill; a lady is always giving of her time, in addition, it helps children become more aware of the importance of respecting other's time. The game, activity, and etiquette lesson in this tea party, are sweet reminders that help children recognize and learn skills that will develop characteristics of a true lady. It is so fun. The host will be giddy with excitement as she learns how to transform old items into beautiful serving dishes. Perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, this tea party is simply amazing! Tea Party Kit Includes:

  • Introduction

  • Letter to Parents

  • 8 Invitations & 8 Envelopes

  • 10 Place Card Settings

  • Drink and Food Labels

  • Several Supplies for Decorations

  • Activity Page (including craft & game)

  • Treat Recipes

  • Drink Recipe or Suggestion

  • Etiquette Lesson (taught by the host)

  • Shopping List

  • Planner Calendar

  • 8 7” Plates

  • 16 Napkins

  • 8 Mini Paint Cups

  • 4 Colors of Tulle (25 yd each)

  • Small Spray of Baby's Breath

  • 8 Multi Colored Paint Brushes

  • 8' of Red Ribbon

  • 4 Colors of American Accents Spray Paint

  • 8 Paper Straws

  • 8 Silver Antique Keys

  • Fancy Scissors

  • 20 Paper Fruit Cups

For ages 7-14 years Additional craft supplies will be needed to complete the suggested projects to personalize your party.


***This product can ONLY BE SHIPPED PRIORITY due to the spray paint that is inside.  Please remember when choosing a shipping method***

1000 Business Cards
Includes, 14pt gloss coated cover printed full color on 2 sides with UV coating. Also includes typesetting basic information. Turn around time is 6-9 business days.

EF Storybook Collection 12 Books


All 12 storybooks are actually ready to ship now!!  YIPPIE!!  HOORAY!  They're finally HERE!!!  Seriously, I'm so excited to offer this storybook series to you.  

Oh they're precious!  Oh they are so fun!  Yes, they really do teach our children manners!  They teach our children how to show value to others, why manners help us to be happy and how having good manners helps us to be a better friend, and more.

The Etiquette Factory storybook series is dedicated to helping our children master the art of proper manners and social skills through fun, exciting stories with heartwarming and sometimes mischievous characters.  These stories are told by Mary Manners on the Etiquette for Beginner's DVD.  We already love these stories so now, you and your children can see the characters in action in these adorable storybooks.  I can't wait for your children to read them.

At the end of each storybook, is a few questions that allow parents (or teachers) and children to discuss the meaning and message of each story.  Take the time to answer these questions and witness the rewards and understanding that come to your children.  Manners are essential to ensure our children's success both personally and professionally.  It truly is the medicine for a happy life. 

Storybooks Include:

  1. A Banquet with the Queen - A book about table manners.

  2. Alligator Earl - A book about proper introductions.

  3. Becoming a King - A book about using the Magic Words.

  4. Rose and the Jungle Boy - A book about Proper Manners.

  5. Sweet Smelling Samson - A book about practicing Good Hygiene.

  6. The NO Book - A book about accepting the word “No” politely.

  7. Where's Buck?- A book about Kindness.

  8. Sharing is for Everyone- A book about Sharing.

  9. One Messy Pig- A book about Cleaning Up After Ourselves.

  10. Tiny's Branch- A book about giving Sincere Apologies

  11. The Little Angels- A book about being a Polite Guest.

  12. The Tongue Who Became Free- A book about keeping a Clean Mouth

Order today and you will receive a FREE Etiquette Jukebox CD!!!


Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program Combo

Parents, this is level 1,2 and 3 of our curriculum (For ages pre-k through 12th grade).  This is the original curriculum that The Etiquette Factory developed.  This product is for families who do not have dependable wi-fi, or who still just enjoy paper over the screen which I know is still many of us.

The Etiquette for Beginners Online replaced the Teacher's Manual, DVD, and CD in this product.

The Life Skills for You program replaced the Etiquette Intermediate book in this product.

You may also add our 12 delightful storybooks that children simply adore.  They are beautifully illustrated and include 5 questions at the back of each book so you and your children can discuss the principles taught in the stories.  They are precious. Scroll down on the orange tool bar to the left to see this option.

If you have any questions about this wonderful product, please email me at:

Life Skills for You Online Curriculum for Home Use

This is the online version of the Etiquette Intermediate book.  It is the exact same lessons, however it has the following extra features:

  • 17 additional lessons

  • 3 Discussion questions per lesson

  • 3 Homework questions per lesson

  • Midterm

  • Final Exam

  • End of the Year Project (so fun)

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Counts as 1/2 credit of Life Skills

  • And of course has the Video Examples to Help Visual Learners

Time Timer

the Time Timer PLUS packs all the features that have made our timers the first choice of teachers, students, parents and professionals into a new design that’s as sturdy as it is useful. Ideal for active kids or a day full of meetings, the Time Timer PLUS features a rugged case and durable clear lens to protect its patented red disk. And the new on-the-go handle makes it easy to take the timer anywhere you go! “Seeing” time elapse makes the Time Timer PLUS ideal for: Teaching children the concept of elapsed time Making homework and practice time more productive Reducing conflict in family and household routines Managing the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer” Empowering teachers to teach instead of constantly monitoring behavior Increasing performance on tests and in the workplace Keeping meetings on time and moving forward Transcending language and culture barriers The Time Timer PLUS also features a new volume control dial for those times you need a louder tone and those when you prefer silence. Lightweight anti-static disk Silent operation Size: 5.5" x 7"

Raising A Generation of Ladies & Gentlemen

I am so excited to bring this book to you that has been requested by so many parents.  For years, I have traveled around the country teaching workshops to parents and educators on how to help our children become ladies and gentlemen.  

Every parent wants their children to be kind, compassionate and loving, while exhibiting the utmost character and integrity.  What I have learned in my experience is that it is very difficult for Moms and Dads to raise ladies and gentlemen, if they themselves do not demonstrate what it means to be a lady and a gentleman in the home.

This book is for you, Mom and Dad.  This is a 52 week (one year) study guide that helps to make sure that you have all the skills needed to be the best role models for your children that you can be.  This book will change you.  This book will change your family.

It's very simple.  Each chapter is usually just 2-4 pages which you will read at the beginning of your week.  Then, there are a few questions and assignments that will help you to evaluate any needed improvement. Finally, there is a journaling page that will allow you to record your feelings that you have experienced during the week as you have read, pondered and prayed over the weekly skill.  This book will become a gem and a family heirloom that your children will cherish once they become parents.  

Don't wait another day!  This is more than a book.  It will make the next 52 weeks become some of the most treasured days of your life as you walk the road of self improvement.  I can't wait for you to experience it.

This study is wonderfully sweet to do as a couple, reading each chapter aloud to one another and then discussing the questions about your family.  As you go through this experience together, the Lord will impress upon your hearts needed changes for your family and you and your spouse will be more united and more endeared to each other.  I promise.

This study is also perfect as a year Bible study for your ministry.  If you would like more information concering using this study in this way, please email me at:  Truly, it will change and soften hearts and increase the love in your homes.

Etiquette For Beginners Teacher's Manual and DVD

Etiquette for Beginners is a 12 week program designed for homeschool, pre-school, or any elementary classroom setting. This is not just a program, it's an experience! Teachers, moms and children will enjoy and thrive in this unique learning environment. Each week your children will master a new etiquette skill by using songs, stories, games, crafts, yummy treats and kind discussion.

The Manners Pig

Thank you Kelly Frager for this wonderful book!!

From Kelly: "Parents regularly tell me that the highest area of manner “pain” for them is table manners. We eat three meals a day. Even when your kids go off to school and the patient cafeteria workers get to observe them for 5 meals a week, you can STILL be brought to the verge of insanity by the licking, shoveling and tooting that takes place at YOUR dinner table during the other meals. I know you.  You have told me.

And as a mom to three kids, I totally get it. Although my kids are of college and high school age, I occasionally need to remind. (Cough. Cough.) The kids would refer to it as nagging. I refer to it as doing my job as Mom; teaching them important life skills that will make others find them a pleasure to be around.  And maybe even help them get a job someday. No one wants to dine with a boor. Oh noooooo. No one.

I’m often asked if there is any magical way to have your darling dinners minding their meal time manners. There is. It’s called practice and repetition. It is not glamorous. It is often not fun.

BUT….today I bring you GREAT news!  You CAN have fun while teaching table manners to your kids. Its a new game on the market called “The Manners Pig

When my friend Melissa kindly made a virtual introduction to Charlotte Barto, her college friend and creator of The Manners Pig, I was SO excited! The timing couldn’t be more perfect with the upcoming holidays. Without further ado, I’m going to let my guest blogger Charlotte tell you about her and the creation of her adorable book and learning game.

My name is Charlotte Barto and I am the author of The Manners Pig book and dinner time game that reinforces table manners.  I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and three sons.  As is often the case with products created by moms, The Manners Pig was born out of necessity!  I was at my wits’ end as a mother who values good manners AND peaceful mealtimes.  Weary of the constant nagging to keep elbows off the table, chew with mouths closed, eat with utensils, (…the list goes on!), I finally decided to step off the crazy train.  We implemented a method that worked surprisingly well where all else had failed… Introducing The Manners Pig!

“Biggs, the Manners Pig” is a handsome figurine who gladly does the dirty work- no nagging necessary!  He sits on the dinner table keeping his eye out for poor table manners.  At the first sign of rudeness he moves to the place of the guilty party.  There he sits until another breach of etiquette requires him to move elsewhere.  No one knows where he will end up, but everyone competes to avoid the pig!  In our house, whoever ends up with Biggs washes the dishes, a silent motivator to “mind your manners” – and I never have to utter a word.

 With all of my prior teaching and training and hemming and hawing, my kids of course “knew” proper table etiquette, they just lacked the right motivation to practice it.  Flinging a pea at a brother was clearly worth the ensuing reprimand and punishment.  I had become a drippy faucet like the teacher in Charlie Brown (wah, wah, waaah…).  It affected my relationship with my kids and everyone’s attitude at the dinner table.  Using The Manners Pig freed me to stop nagging and simply move the pig.  Family dinners went from exasperating to joyful and actually quite funny.  “Everyone needs this!” was the thought which led me to write the book and turn the method into a product that is easy to implement and fun to use.

 The Manners Pig is sold in a box set.  Each set comes with a “Biggs The Manners Pig” figurine and hardcover book that tells Biggs’s story.  The book is written to teach younger kids about table manners, but the table game with the figurine is suitable for all ages.  Two of my boys are teenagers and it still works like magic!  The Manners Pig can be purchased on my website:

 Selling a product like The Manners Pig has caused me to think deeply on why manners matter- not just table manners, but all manners.  The dinner table, in my opinion, is the best place to start because it is regular, in a comfortable and familiar setting, and is a training ground for the hundreds of future meals that will be eaten and shared with others.  A child who learns good manners at home and practices them in public will ultimately be more successful in every area of life than the child who is left to the influence of our postmodern culture which has a blatant disregard for manners. To have good character one MUST have good manners.

-Manners are Others-Centered vs. Self-Centered:

I love what Kelly teaches about the Platinum Rule – do unto others what THEY would have you do unto THEM.  It flies in the face of our self-centered culture that encourages me to elevate MY feelings, MY beliefs, MY opinions and MY sensitivities over and above yours, which is the epitome of poor manners.  Our children don’t need to be taught how to be selfish.  They need to be taught how to honor and respect others by being polite, even when it is distasteful, and courteous, even though it may inconvenience them to do so.  Ultimately, those who know how to treat others with politeness and respect fare better across the board.  In school they are liked by peers and teachers, socially they are well-received in a variety of circles and professionally they are hired more readily and promoted more often.

 -Manners Create A Good Name vs. A Bad Reputation:

A good name is elevated above riches in the Bible’s book of Proverbs.  It is equally well known that a bad reputation is difficult to overcome.  Our reputations, for better or worse are shaped by our manners.  A good name will commend us to others, opening opportunities for employment, friendships and connections, while a bad name more often will lead to a slew of closed doors.  Reputations are built on our interactions with others.  Am I considerate of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs or positions of those around me, or am I always looking out for number one?  It all goes back to our manners.

 -The Bad News vs. The Good News:

The bad news is that if left unchecked the pervasive nature of entertainment media and social media will carry our kids along in its powerful current toward ever-increasing self-focus.  As a mom, fighting the grip of culture and its effect on my kids feels overwhelming.  It was an empowering moment when I realized that it doesn’t have to be.  That is the good news!  As parents we really do have more influence on our children than the culture around us.  Reinforcing good manners and politeness goes a long way in combating the self-centered, rude, and inconsiderate attitudes which mark a society that is no longer defined by common courtesy.  It starts with simple table manners and grows from there.


Bravo! Bravo! Thank you SO MUCH Charlotte for sharing The Manners Pig with all of us! I hope Biggs The Manners Pig sees the insides of many, many homes..and induces many giggles.   I invite all of you to visit Charlotte & Biggs at The Manners Pig.

Mind Your Manners,


The Giving Book

THE GIVING BOOK – OPEN THE DOOR TO A LIFETIME OF GIVING is truly a gift for young readers ages 6 to 11 – inspiring, teaching and engaging them to give back to the world. It is a unique, interactive process that allows parents, teachers or friends to help children understand giving and participate in a stimulating experience. The 64 page, spiral-bound, hardcover book combines colorful illustrations and entertaining narrative with fun learning activities. The book helps them record their ideas, dreams and wishes for the world – making them the authors of their stories and creating a “scrapbook” of their journey into compassion, philanthropy and the power of their actions. The Giving Book grows kids with character by:    Nurturing caring and kindness. Teaching that every good deed is a gift with a powerful impact. Showing the power of actions and thereby increasing self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Inviting experiences that show the importance of charity and community. Providing an educational and engaging experience that children can do on their own, in the classroom or with their friends and family. Building their self-esteem by helping them understand the power of their actions and their ability to be kind, compassionate and helpful. Why The Giving Book is SO important… Giving and volunteering is important for the people, animals, or situations that receive the services of the donors or volunteers. It brings people together towards creating healthy communities. However, that’s not the best part! Teaching children to care about others serves them!! Showing children that their actions matter and can make the world a better place, strengthens their sense of self worth. Inspiring kids to participate in volunteer experiences, exposes them to new people, new friends, and new situations. Giving children an outlet of ‘doing something of value’ when they are upset about something that’s happened (like a hurricane or other event), helps them cope in a positive way with their feelings. The selfless act of helping a person, cause, or nature provides a spiritual boost, as well. In addition, studies show that children who give and volunteer, do better in school and have higher self esteem. The Giving Book offers children, families, and communities a proven and award-winning approach to inspiring giving and charity! Books are available that touch on the concept of nurturing character by telling a story, but children also desire the opportunity to participate- to express themselves and BE the main character in their experience. The Giving Book let’s them jump in. This book is ideal for use in classrooms, camps, and other group settings. (A free Teacher's Guide is available to help teachers maximize the impact of the book.) Other free Tools and Guides are available for parents and community leaders- including a "Giving Book Party Guide".


THE AUTISM ACCEPTANCE BOOK: BEING A FRIEND TO SOMEONE WITH AUTISM is an interactive, educational and character-building book that introduces children to the challenges faced by people with autism while also supporting their personal journey toward appreciating and respecting people's differences. The 62-page spiral-bound book offers educational information, conversation-starters, and engaging exercises that invite children to “walk in someone else's shoes” as they learn to treat others the same ways they would like to be treated themselves.

 While focusing on autism, ultimately, this book teaches broad life lessons about accepting and embracing people’s differences.

 This book has been valued and shared widely. It’s been used by the United Nations to help launch the first World Autism Awareness Day, by Autism Speaks as the First National Walk Sponsor, and in many schools, communities, and households to foster acceptance for people with autism. The Autism Acceptance Book grows kids with character by: Helping them understand that everyone is different and has unique talents and challenges. Encouraging them to take the time and make the effort to understand and respect others. Offering exercises that encourage them to practice empathy and compassion. Building a better understanding of autism and how people with autism might interact and react in certain situations. Broadening their experiences by showing them that all friendships are different and can be rewarding in many ways. Building their self-esteem by helping them understand the power of their actions and their ability to be kind, compassionate and helpful. Why The Autism Acceptance Book is SO important… Autism is a growing problem that afflicts thousands of children every year. Children with autism face many challenges and obstacles. These children will have an easier time navigating the world if the people in their lives take the time to understand them better. Children who do not have autism live in a world full of people who are different from each other in all sorts of ways. It isn't always easy for children to understand and accept people that seem different or behave in ways they find unfamiliar. When children learn more about people with autism, they will be supporting their peers, making new friends, and strengthening their own character. This book is ideal for use in classrooms, camps, and other group settings.

The Celebrate Family Book

This amazing book inspires children to understand and respect that every family is unique and to find value, safety, joy and pride in their own family. This book invites children to practice the art of creating and celebrating good times with their family; navigating family challenges; and embracing their own unique role that completes their family.

These 64 pages combines activities, conversation starters and journal-style pages that engage children (ages 6-12) in a fun process to think about the value of their family, learn more about their family members and ignite family conversations and quality time.  Children will also get to practice character-building and relationship skills along their journey through this book.

This book is for every child and every family--it allows children to write, draw, scrapbook and fill in their ideas to embrace their one-of-a-kind family and their own personal value in that family.

Today, children live in many different family structures.  Many children live in two-parent households but a large percent have parents who are divorced.  Roughly 23% of children are living with single mothers, 10% are raised by a grandparent, 6% are raised by same-sex couples, 2.5% of children are adopted, and foster children move into homes.  Households, step families, religions, and races blend in many families.

Our goal is to help children to feel valued and to understand their individual worth.  What we know is that when children feel loved and secure in their family, they are more likely to prosper both personally and professionally.  Help your children recognize the special qualities about your family and help them to feel pride and happiness as they consider the unique qualities about your family.  This book will help you achieve this and your chldren will love it.

Etiquette Intermediate

Etiquette Intermediate is 125 days of short,concise, yet vital lessons to help your child(ren) master the art of proper manners and social skills. Now, here's the good part...this book is “child taught,” not “mom taught.” Yes, that's right. Each day your student will read the lesson and then that child will teach the family or the class the etiquette skill. The daily activity is usually role playing the skill or a game or further discussion. This book is fun, easy and absolutely brilliant. It will soon become an invaluable treasure to your family and classroom.

What's the difference in this book and the Life Skills for You product?  This book is only the text of 125 lessons that are in the Life Skills for You program.  Many families still prefer to use a book over an online program and that is just fine.  This book is amazing and it will bless your family when discussed as a family.  

What are you missing as compared to the Life Skills for You program?  You are missing:

  • 17 additional lessons

  • 3 discussion questions per lesson

  • 3 homework quetions per lesson

  • a midterm

  • a final exam

  • a end of the year project

Once again, I just want you to make the best choice for your family.  We sell more of these books than any other product.

3 New Storybooks

Hello!  Yay!!  We just released 3 new storybooks to add to your set of 12 storybooks in the Etiquette for Beginners Program.  The 3 new books are:

  • A Birthday Not to Be Forgotten--This delightful book teaches children what types of sacrifices are made when others buy and give us presents like; time, money and effort. When childen understand the sacrifice, they are much more likely to make it a priority to give sincere words of gratitude when receiving gifts.

  • Sophia and the Telephone--Parents, just becasue we all have cell phones, does not mean we need to stop teaching our children polite telephone manners.  It's so important that our children can converse with adults politely and respectfully and learning how to engage responsibly in a telephone conversation is an essential life skill.

  • Jenny's Bravest Moment--Understanding why people bully, tease and use different behaviors to hurt others is the first step in understanding the most effective approaches to combatting bullying.  Parents, teachers, this book is essential for every child and every classroom.  Give your children the confidence they need to combat bullying and give them the understanding so they will better handle the emotional pitfalls of being teased and bullyed.

Time Telling Game

What time is it? It's time to play! You'll learn to read a clock, OK? Pick the time and set the hands, (more challenging as skill demands.) Check the answer and proceed The answer cards help you succeed. You play to learn the whole clock's face. And once you've learned, the game's a race! This well-designed game will get kids up to speed on telling time. Players move the arms on their own clock faces to show the time described on cards. It is especially good for correlating analog and digital representations of time as well as wording like half past and quarter to. Cards are color coded for the progression of skills in learning to tell time; each color representing time to the hour, the half hour, the quarter hour, in five minute intervals or for all sixty minutes. Points are awarded for setting clocks to the correct time, as well as for correcting clocks to the specified time, making playing a reinforcement of time telling skills. Features ▪ For ages 4 and up ▪ 2 to 4 players ▪ Includes score pads, time cards, and clock mats ▪ Directions included ▪ Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award

Tea Party Spinner Game

Time for Tea! Spin for a plate and napkin first, Then some tea to quench your thirst. Mind your manners if you please But lose a turn if you see bees! Ta-ta for now, I have to run; I finished first and I have won! Spread the real fabric tablecloth, ready the teapot spinner, china and all the teatime treats. Time for a delicious game of Tea Party. The spinner points to tea sandwiches, desserts, fruit, tea, and the dishes to hold them. The guest who spins one in each category first wins the game, but everyone will enjoy choosing among the tempting party goodies. For 2 to 4 players Features ▪ For ages 4 and up ▪ Box is 10" x 10" ▪ Includes a real tablecloth

Stationery Set with Instruction Booklet

I love both of these stationery sets because they are so colorful and well designed.  The stationery set comes in a colorful box that includes:

  • 20 Note Papers

  • 8 Second Sheets

  • 20 Envelopes

  • A simple guide for writing notes of thanks, getting well, apology, condolence & congradulations

Yes, of course it's polite to send handwritten notes to our loved ones and they are so appreicated.  However, the thing that we forget, is that teaching our childen to make this sacrifice for others, gives our children the greater gift, and that is the gift of self respect and self worth.  It feels good to know that we served someone today.  It feels good to know that we tried to help someone carry their burden or that we celebrated with our friends when they received good news.  Help your children become givers and watch them soar with happiness, honor and dignity.  It sometimes starts with a pen and paper.

The Kid's Guide to Service Projects

Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference (Updated 2nd Edition) by Barbara A. Lewis Are you looking for ways to connect kids with inspiring, high-quality community service projects? Do you want fresh ideas and suggestions for how to get kids involved in service learning? This second edition of Barbara Lewis’s classic youth service guide contains hundreds of up-to-date service projects and ideas presented in an engaging, kid-friendly format. This guide has something for everyone who wants to make a difference. Features and benefits include: • Over 500 service learning project ideas, from simple to large scale • 14 thematic chapters covering topics commonly selected for community service such as animals, the environment, literacy, seniors, people with special needs, health and wellness • The “Ten Steps to Successful Service Projects” • Step-by-step instructions for creating flyers, petitions, press releases, and more • Endorsed by Youth Service America Each chapter includes important facts and statistics related to each topic, a host of diverse service project ideas, and listings of service organization contact information. National award-winning author Barbara Lewis provides the ideas, tips, resources, and information kids need to get out there and make a difference today!

Do You Know Your Family Dinner/Travel Cards

Geez!  I'm so excited to tell you about this special little product.  We all just love it at The Etiquette Factory.  It's a little thing that delivers HUGE results.  May I introduce you to, Do You Know Your Family Dinner/Travel Cards.

Families, we have over 250 questions that are going to help you and your family:

  • get to know each other better.

  • have more engaging and meaningful conversations.

  • practice conversation etiquette as each person strives to answer their question in 2 minutes or less (the polite amount of time to talk before passing the torch to someone else).

  • put away social media and cell phones during this special time each day.

  • make sure that everyone feels valued and heard as each person takes their turn to answer the question.

  • feel more unified.

  • come to know that each of us has hard things, wonderful things, scary things, shocking things, etc. that we go through each and every day.

  • love each other more deeply.  For the better we know each other, the more likely love grows.

Parents, I first thought of this concept after someone very close to me passed away.  Afterwards, I realized that I had so many questions that I wish I had asked about their life and their history.  I should have taken more of an interest to learn what made this person sad, happy, excited, motivated, scared, etc.  Becasue of this experience, I came up with a long list of questions that I want to know about everyone I care about.  

Each day, whether you are in the car, at the dinner table, or wherever, pick a question and have everyone present answer it.  Get ready to fall in love with conversation all over again.

Give your family this special gift.  We have been asking our family members these questions and it creates such fun and sincere conversations.  You can't imagine what tender things are shared and what funny thigns are shared.  Don't wait another day to give your family this special gift.  You will love it!

This product comes with 267 questions in a durable plastic jar with a secure lid, along with a small travel bag so you can always keep some cards in the car to use while traveling or while visiting others.

E.F. Kids T-Shirt

Give your Children the Official Etiquette Factory T-shirt to celebrate their completion of The Etiquette for Beginner's Program, or just to celebrate having great manners!  Your children will love these fun t-shirts and you will be directly responsible for spreading the need for Good Manners around the world! Order TODAY!!  

Table Manners Cards

Table Manners Cards - Kids Love Them! Today's families are super busy and sitting down together for meals tends to be an exception rather than a rule.  When you do have this opportunity you want it to be an enjoyable experience, not a time when you are criticizing your children or nagging them over their manners.  What to do?  Forgo teaching manners?  Absolutely not!  Bring out the Table Manners Cards.  This fun mealtime game encourages your little diners to compete for thumbs-up cards while avoiding thumbs-down cards in an effort to win a coveted Ready-to-Dine-Out award. Once introduced, kids will want them at every meal!

Fold-to-Mail Stationery

Parents, this stationery is adorable!!!  This is the same kind of stationery I used as a child to send letters to my grandmothers, cousins and friends.  I love it because it is a simple design, yet so so cute.  The page folds up into a cute little envelope and it comes with stickers to seal it.  

Choose from 2 adorable designs...Bandana and Camp Out.

Give your children the gift of "the pen" as you teach them the significance of taking the time to pen a card to someone they care about.  It means so much to everyone to receive a handwritten letter in the mail.  It sends the message that we are willing to take a moment of our lives to express our feelings of gratitude, sorrow, empathy, excitement, etc. so that those we love will know how much we care.

Stationery includes:

  • 24 Fold-to-Mail Writing Papers

  • 2 Pages of Stickers

Dating Guide for Ladies & Gentlemen

Parents & teens,

It's finally here!  For years I have been speaking around the country on the topic of dating for ladies & gentlemen.  Often, after I speak, parents come up to me and ask things like, "Do you have anything written that covers what you just spoke about?  I want my spouse (or teen) to hear this information too. It will help us so much."

Finally, I can answer, "Yes."  Let me start by saying that this book does NOT in any way condone teens (anyone under the age of 18), getting involved in romantic relationships.  I feel so strongly that this behavior is extremely dangerous and destructive to our teens both spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically.  In this book, dating is the idea that when our children are old enough (hopefully 16 or older),  they can plan safe activities where they invite someone of the oppositie sex to attend the activity with them.  Parents are extremely involved in this process and parents and teens plan together what this will look like and involve.

Parents, I have been there.  I know your fears.  This book will give you and your teens a starting place to discuss expectations, goals, purpose, fears, safety plans, and many other ideas that help build unity and love between you and your teen.  These years can be so much fun and can lay the groundwork for you and your teens to have close, open and honest relationships now and in the future.  But, you must have a framework to build these relationships on.

This book also includes over 20 ideas for safe, fun and creative dates.  You will love this book and your teen will love it even more.  This book will go into great detail about what is expected from gentlemen and ladies.  This book will help teens to understand the great responsibility that each of them have in protecting the virtue and reputation of their friends whom they choose to invite to activities.  This book will be very frank about the dangers of physical affection and why engaging in physical affection before the age of marriage can lead to heartache and distrust.  This book is about honoring self and God. This can be done while having a wonderful time and learning how to be a gracious and polite date. This book will be a cherished read by parents and teens.

Please, don't wait another day to make sure that both you and your teens are on the same page regarding expectations on dating.  Not talking about it is the worst thing that can happen.  This book will help you be open and honest.  I can't wait for you to experience this read with your teens.  Order today!

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Hello, parents and young people.  I dedicate this book to you and to all those who are striving to live clean, honorable lives.  Over the years, I have spoken in various settings on my family’s experience in managing the dating years with our son, Sawyer.  So often, after these speaking engagements, many people come up and ask, “Do you have any written information on what you spoke about today?  I need more.”  Others would explain that they needed something written, so they could take their time absorbing the information, praying over it, discussing it with their spouses and then discussing it with their children.  Finally, I can answer, “Yes.”

Parents, please know that I realize how sensitive this topic is.  I know how scared you are.  I know that what we really want to do is lock our children up and let them out when they’re about 25 years old; as you know, we can’t.  I want you to know that the Lord does not want us to live in fear.  We know that fear is the opposite of faith, which means fear does not come from the Lord.

We also know that the Lord has commanded us to strive to be clean.  I want for my children what you want for your children, and that is for them to be happy.  I also want them to be obedient to the Lord and his commandments.  I know that my children have a greater chance of happiness if they follow the commandments and strive to make righteous choices.

I believe strongly that the Lord has provided a path for his children to be successful  at living the Gospel of Jesus Christ without living in a bubble.  In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside a bubble.  I also believe that the Lord wants what you and I want for our children, and that is for each of them to have a happy and healthy marriage, when possible.  I believe that our job as parents is to teach them the principles that will give them the greatest opportunities for success in their marriages.

Of course, there are no guarantees, whether we are Christian or not, that our marriage will be happy and whole.  However, what we know is that the likelihood of a happy and whole marriage increases drastically when founded upon the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.  As we help our children understand these principles, we will help them increase their chances for success.

Dating has a purpose.  Dating, when approached with true purpose, righteous guidelines and honorable intentions, can be a lovely experience for all and can lay the groundwork for finding a true companion.  I hope you will prayerfully read this book with your spouse and then allow your young teens and older teens to read it.  This book needs to be read before the age of dating so that there are clear guidelines, expectations and an understanding of the purpose of dating.  The sooner, the better.  Once you have read it, you will know the best time for your child or children to read it. 

As stated on the back of this book, the way I would recommend moving forward, after you and your spouse have agreed this will be a blessing to your child, is for parents and children to read a chapter a week together.  Then, sometime over the weekend, discuss with your children what was in the chapter, the discussion questions and any concerns or points of interest anyone has. I would highly recommend that these discussions do not become times to lecture.  If we want open honest relationships with our children, we must create an atmosphere where they can feel safe to share their feelings, especially their feelings that do not agree with ours.  Would we rather not know about these differences, which leads to secrets and eventually resentments, or can we trust in the Lord and create an open and honest dialog?

Parents, this really can be fun for all of you.  I can’t wait to tell you about our experience with our son’s dating years.  It was a family affair.  I do wish I had had daughters, too, but the Lord never blessed me with a daughter, at least not yet.  Even though my experience is with a son, I believe strongly that these guidelines and principles apply equally to daughters.  I do have nieces and many, many friends with girls, and I have worked diligently to consider the young ladies in dating as well.  I think you will be more than happy with this book, whether you have boys or girls.  Get excited!

This guide is going to help you to identify topics that need to be discussed, before any dating occurs.  It’s going to give you great ideas and things to consider when pondering the how to, when to and “if we should” questions.  It’s going to help you consider areas of safety that need to be understood and how to develop a safety plan, so all of you can feel at peace regarding your children’s dates. 

Parents and teens, please read this manual prayerfully and with an open mind.  Ask the Lord, before you start, to help you identify principles that are true and good for you and your family.  If there is anything in this manual that is not good for you and your family, ask the Lord to help you see those things as well.  We do not have to be afraid, as long as we are seeking the will and mind of God.  I pray that you will find what you need to find and that this guide will be a blessing to you and your family.

This dating guide for moms, dads and teens will increase:

  • Unity between parent and child

  • Understanding of God’s purpose in dating

  • Safety

  • Fun

  • Balance in relationships with the opposite sex

  • Responsibility, honor and integrity

  • Calm

And it will dispel fear.

Dating does not have to be scary, uncertain and dangerous for young people.  When parents and children stand together and are unified in the purpose of dating, dating can be fun, rewarding and a stepping stone to finding a true companion.

Etiquette "Set Right" Placemats

Colorful, fun, educational and even attractive for your table. Illustration of proper table setting along with table etiquette reminders printed on placemats. Laminated for easy cleaning. Once a week, choose 1 dining etiquette skill from the placemat for the whole family or class to improve on. Remember, positive reinforcement is key. 4 Placemats in the Pack.

Washington's Rules
George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior

Sometime before the age of 16, George Washington transcribed Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation. This classic, demonstrates the character and conduct that a young George Washington esteemed as favorable. President Washington was know for his chivalry, humanity, fairness and integrity. As all great men, these qualities are acquired at a young age and practiced until they become our nature. Spend some time with your children reviewing these delightful rules of civility that although written in the beautiful language of the past, ring true and faithful to behavior that is admired today. A great history lesson.

Below are three excerpts from the list:

6th-- Sleep not when others Speak, Sit not when others stand, Speak not when you Should hold your Peace, walk not on when others Stop.

22d-- Shew not yourself glad at the Misfortune of another though he were your enemy.

56th-- Associate yourself with Men of good Quality if you Esteem your own Reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad Company.

Etiquette Jukebox CD

Hold on to your hats, you're going to love this CD. 18 sing-a-long jingles, you and your kids can enjoy, while at the same time learn manners for all occasions. Statistics show that children learn faster and remember longer when they learn information through singing, rhyming and chanting. You and your children are going to be amazed at the fun, yet the wisdom that will be gained through singing these sweet, funny and amazingly entertaining songs about etiquette. For ages preschool through 4th grade.

Etiquette Masters

After your teen learns the basics in Etiquette, from Etiquette Intermediate, allow them to fine tune their skills with Etiquette Masters. Etiquette Masters gives your teen invaluable insight on etiquette in dating, job hunting, employment and even being a future roommate. This is a short, easy to ready handbook with lasting results. Every teen should read this BEFORE they begin dating, working or going off to college. At the Etiquette Factory, we know that parents have worked hard to instill these qualities in their children. Sometimes, it just really helps when they hear it again from someone besides mom and dad.

Educator Flyers

Full color White 100# Text Gloss with Aqueous Coating, full color on one side. Price includes typesetting basic information

Renewal for LifeSkills Accounts - 1 Year Extension to All Student Accounts
Extend your LifeSkills accounts expiration by 1 year.

A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family--ebook
This is a step by step guide to Organizing Your Life, Creating a Schedule and Giving your Family Peace, Productivity & Happiness. Author Monica Irvine gives you every tool, insight and direction you need to create a schedule for your family that gives you back your life, one hour at a time. Perhaps you don't think you're a "schedule" kind of a person, but you have a child that really craves routine and schedule. This book is for you. This is a short and easy read, but the information will literally secure your family relationships, increase productivity and confidence in your children and most importantly, reduce your stress.

Etiquette for Beginners Online Program for Schools

Etiquette Intermediate--ebook

(ebook version) Etiquette Intermediate is 125 days of short,concise, yet vital lessons to help your child(ren) master the art of proper manners and social skills. Now, here's the good part...this book is “child taught,” not “mom taught.” Yes, that's right. Each day your student will read the lesson and then that child will teach the family or the class the etiquette skill. The daily activity is usually role playing the skill or a game or further discussion. This book is fun, easy and absolutely brilliant. It will soon become an invaluable treasure to your family and classroom.

Parenting Workshops by Renown International Speaker, Monica Irvine

5 Parenting Workshops available on CD or MP3 download: Raising Girls to Be Ladies This workshop is pure motivation. Do you want your girls to be true ladies who value empathy, integrity, respect, morality and individual worth? They must see these skills in you. No, we're not perfect parents, but we can make sure that we are doing our best to exhibit the character traits that we want our children to have. We're never too old to learn, to change, to be better. As you listen to this wonderful workshop, your heart will swell and your determination will increase. This is a "must hear" by every parent. Raising Boys to Be Gentlemen Dads and moms...this workshop is so important for both of you to listen to if you are determined to raise true gentlemen. These are skills that our society do not teach any more but they are skills that will determine your son's success both personally and professionally. Please take the time to listen to this one hour workshop. Dads walk away from this workshop with a whole new perspective on the importance of being a gentlemen. Manners Matter & Mean Success Sometimes, parents need a few more skills themselves to help them be the best parents they can be. This workshop literally teaches the how and why behind 7 different skills that every child should be taught including: proper introductions, addressing adults, standing for others, accepting the word, "no" with grace, the five steps to a sincere apology, first request and table manners. You will simply love this. It will change how you parent. A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family Yes, I realize that mom and dad may not like schedules, but do you have a child that needs a schedule? Most of us do. A schedule can give your family the freedom to do the things that matter most, like one-on-one time with your children, mom/dad date nights, family fun time, family projects, etc. You will love love love this workshop and you will be so inspired to start a schedule today. Just listen and see if this doesn't change the way you look at organizing your home. Your family will thank you. Finally, Discipling Your Children without Breaking Their Spirits is a very heart felt discussion on the things we do and say that can gradually tear dowon our chidren's spirits.  Listen to this discussion and make sure that you are not doing things that cause more harm in the name of "discipline."

Life Skills Flash Cards

I simply love flashcards because they promote healthy discussions so easily without anyone feeling like their behavior is being pointed out. These flash cards by Eeboo are so well thought out and so well made. Each set comes with 48 flash cards and 2 parent cards. You can keep them in the car for some great car conversation or at the breakfast table for some great dining conversation. Another way that I love to interact with children with flash cards is with finger puppets. Children are often times much more authentic when they can express their thoughts through a puppet. Having them “act out” the correct way and the wrong way from the ideas on these flash cards are a wonderful way to really engage your children.

For ages 3 and up-48 flash cards per set-Cards are 4.5” x 6”

Set #1 Good Manners
Polite pigs make manners satisfying to learn, demonstrating good behavior in familiar situations. One side of each card asks what approach or response is right for a situation; the reverse offers a good suggestion. For instance: When you answer the phone, what do you say?... "Hello, Piggie residence. Mom can't come to the phone, may I take a message? Who is calling?" What do you do when you meet someone?... Look at their eyes and give a firm handshake. You should try not to burp in public. But if a burp surprises you, what do you say?... "Please excuse me!"

Set #2 Good Citizenship
Conscientious animals demonstrate responsible community behavior. Start a conversation about social responsibility! Good citizenship skills are an essential part of early education. Children must learn that they are part of a larger community, (whether family, school, country or planet), and that responsibilities come with these relationships. These skills allow children to understand and enjoy a meaningful role in a social and ecological system larger than themselves.

Set #3 What Do I Do
The What Do I Do Flash Cards are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of subverted social expectations. This deck of 48 cards helps children understand how to handle various social situations with poise, grace, and confidence. The encouraging illustrations and simple instructions are perfect for opening up dialogues between parents and children about what behavior may be expected from them in various social environments. By encouraging kids to understand and digest positive social behavior rather than memorizing it, these cards will help kids to comfortably respond to a wide range of social cues.

Set #4  I Heard Your Feelings

These cards are perfect for children who struggle to recognize social cues.  On the front of these cards is an image with characters interacting with one another in different ways.  On the back is usually 5 questions that a parent or teacher can ask the children to see if they can access with just their eyes regarding what might be going on between the characters.  This is great practice for children to learn to recognize others' moods, motives and behaviors based on only what they see with their eyes.

Set #5  What's Going On Here?

Similar to the "I Heard Your Feelings" cards, these cards too have an image on the front and questions on the back to help children recognize what's going on in a situation so they can better be prepared to adapt to the situation.  These cards are such great conversation starters between parent and child or teacher and student to perpetuate continued understanding of where children might be lacking in understanding social cues.


These posters are a great way to send a positive message to children. They can be purchased individually or save by purchasing as a set of 4.


Poster: Stop Bullying
It's time for all children to make the Stop Bullying Commitment. Children love to keep their word and making a verbal commitment regarding bullying is the first step in helping children recognize the signs of bullying and what they need to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. This visual reminder is a MUST for every classroom. Poster size is 16" by 20"

Poster: Polite Rules for a Clean Mouth
Wow, what a reminder.  There's no better reminder to keep our mouths clean!  This poster is fun but very direct and helps children remember the rules of a clean mouth.  Poster size is 16"x20"

Poster: Polite Borrowing
Sharing is wonderful but what most people forget is the rules of borrowing.  This poster is extremely effective in the classroom as it helps children remember important borrowing rules that saves friendships, hurt feelings and misunderstandings.  Poster size is 16"x20"

Poster: 5 Steps to a Sincere Apology
This poster is really great to help children have a visual of the 5 steps to a sincere apology taught in the Etiquette Factory curriculum.  This colorful and attractive poster gives children a measuring stick to guide them as they learn to apologize sincerely.   Poster size is 16"x20"

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