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What are the Requirements of a Licensed Etiquette Factory Educator?

You must:

  • Adhere to your Etiquette Factory License Agreement
  • Use the Etiquette Factory materials including; product line, marketing line, and instructional materials, exclusively in Etiquette Factory Camps, Classes and Workshops
  • Maintain a valid email address and internet access
  • A background check, completed by our partner Intellicorp, is required as part of the initial licensing and certification process, to be paid by the applicant.  The current set fee is $24.95, but can be subject to change.  The fee for the background check must be paid at the time of application.
  • All licensed Etiquette Factory Educators are required to participate in the "Monthly
    License Renewal Program," which is in the amount of $10.00 per month. This monthly
    fee provides the educator with:
    • Current License to Operate "The Etiquette Factory Program"
    • Monthly training through webinars, newsletters, e-blasts, & email
    • Customer Service, Monday-Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
    • Access to all Templates, pdfs and available business supplies
    • Access to The Etiquette Factory Product Line at Wholesale Cost
    • Coupon Coding for Advertising and Recording Commissions on Internet Sales
    • Access to the Etiquette Factory Educator's Blog
  • All licensed Etiquette Factory Educators are required to participate in at least 5 hours of
    additional etiquette training per twelve months through the Etiquette Factory Training
    Program. The cost of this training is included in your monthly license renewal fee of
    $10.00 per month.
  • All licensed Etiquette Factory Educators are responsible for acquiring their own general liability insurance policy.
  • All licensed Etiquette Factory Educators are required to participate in the Educator's Website Program Locator. Each educator will have their own company pages on the Etiquette Factory Website through our zip code locator. This incredible benefit allows the educators to advertise their programs and class schedules, describe the content of their programs, include a personal bio and photo and register their students directly on the Etiquette Factory website. The cost of this program is $12.00 per month. Click Here to see an example of what your website will look like.
  • All educators are required to host a minimum of 4 programs (summer camps, after school programs, etc) per year to keep an active license.

As you can see, the requirements to be an Etiquette Factory Educator are very minimal, yet the benefits are incredible. We hope you decide today to join our growing team of educators.


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