Etiquette Essentials
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Etiquette Essentials

I am so ecstatic to be apart of the Etiquette Factory!

Etiquette is a life skill that is necessary for scholars, transitioning from the cradle to the college classroom! 

 Ways to have the Etiquette Essentials Experience... 

  • summer camps

  • workshop for schools/churches/community groups

  • theme classes

  • birthdays

  • kid conferences or expos

  • girl scout /boy scout troops

Keidra Thompkins is a motivated individual that is known for her assertiveness and will to succeed. Although these attributes are evident, she carefully and fervently relies on God and honors Him in all her ways.  Her scripture of references is Matthew 6:33, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

A Dallas native,  she has undergraduate degree in Business Administration and masters in Education. She has teaching  and instructional leadership experience and is passionate about developing the whole child, e.g. spiritually, academically, vocationally and culturally.

Keidra Thompkins is a committed wife and mother of  two active and jubilant boys. Being a parent and an educator, has engaged Keidra to strive to create and cultivate a legacy of meaningful learning.  By partnering with parents school districts, and the community her aim is to be the educational pathfinder for her children, as well as, all children.


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