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Etiquette for Beginners Online Deluxe Set
Etiquette for Beginners Online Program (Deluxe Set)
is a One Year Subscription.

Also includes
The Etiquette Factory Storybook Series (all 15 books)
And 4 "Set-Right" Placemats
Sample Lesson:
Sample Music Video:
About the Placemats:
This program has many features helping children to master 15 etiquette skills which include:
Proper Etiquette
Polite Words
Being a Polite Guest
Combatting Bullying
Telephone Manners
Sincere Apologies
Proper Table Manners
Good Hygiene
Accepting the Word "No"
Using Kind Speech
Giving and Receiving Gifts
These 15 skills are taught in the Beginner's Online Program thru the use of our storybook series. These books feature adorable characters that your children will love.
Each Lesson Uses a Story from our Storybook, which include:
What is Etiquette
Etiquette is Helping Those Around Us to Feel Valued and Comfortable. Let's see why are actions are so important.
Saying "Hello"
When we say "Hello" and introduce ourselves, we are sending a message to others that we want to know them and we want to be their friend.
Being kind to others is one of the best ways to find happiness for ourselves. Let's learn how.
We can share many things like our possessions, our time, our love and our friendship.
Magic Words
These special words are not really magic, but using them sure feels like it sometimes.
Cleaning Up
Why is it polite to clean up our own messes and how do we show respect to our parents by keeping our rooms clean and our possessions protected?
Being a Guest
When we are a polite guest, we are invited back! Let's make sure we know what being a polite guest means.
Sincere Apologies
Giving sincere apologies shows that we truly care that we have hurt someone. Let's learn how to give a sincere apology.
Table Manners
Let's learn many table manners skills, so we can show those we dine with that we value them and their experience at the table.
Good Hygiene
Yes, having good hygiene (smelling good from top to bottom), is polite and shows those around us that we value their comfort.
The "No" Word
We must always remember to politely and graciously accept the word, "No."
A Clean Mouth is a Cherished Gift
Our mouths must never be rude, ugly, gross, or speak of unkind things. Let's learn how to keep our mouths clean!
Giving and Receiving Gifts
We must learn how to show sincere gratitude when others take the time to sacrifice in order to give us a gift.
Combatting Bullying
We must understand why people bully in order to understand the best way to combat bullying. May we be courageous and strong.
Telephone Manners
Those who can communicate politely and respectfully on the telephone, are on their way to true success.
How it Works:
  • Watch the Lesson by Mary Manners
  • Read along with Mary Manners as she tells a Story
  • Discuss story questions with your parent/teacher
  • Watch the Music Video for this Week's Etiquette Skill
  • Learn the words to the song and their meaning
  • Practice Your Song
  • Print Sight Word Flash Cards
  • Print All 3 Sight Word Activities and Complete by Friday
  • Practice Your Song
  • Watch Lesson Summary by Mary Manners
  • Complete Lesson Activity - It's so Fun!
  • Perform your Song - Be Brave!
  • Complete Your Quiz
  • Celebrate Your Success by Making a fun Treat or Craft
A note to Parents/Teachers:
Parents, teachers, you are going to love this program. It's simply adorable, fun, interactive, engaging, charming and... it works! It really works!

So often, we tend to teach children manners when we are correcting their mistakes. Why? Because that's when we think about it. Our child/student starts to do something impolite and we stop them and say something like, "Honey, don't do/say that. It's not polite." What we have learned at The Etiquette Factory, is this is not the optimal time for children to really learn. In the correcting moment, children tend to be defensive and a little "hard hearted". This is why we have developed this amazing program that is positive and fun and can be taught in a way that does not focus on what our child/student just did that was wrong.

Your children/students will beg to do The Etiquette Factory. They will connect with the children in the music videos. They will fall in love with Mary Manners. They will learn manners at the same time they are learning vocabulary, reading comprehension, responsibility and accountability. They will report to you what they have learned when answering the story time questions and when taking their quiz which will be given to them verbally. Please take a look at the learning standards included in this program:
Learning Standards Checklist:
  • Student must use focused listening to comprehend skill definition
  • Student follows along reading storybook while storybook is read out loud
  • Student must identify principles taught in storybook and verbally report
  • Student will identify learning principle within song or rhyme
  • Student will identify and learn 5 sight words (level 1) and 10 sight words (level 2)
  • Student will complete 1 definition comprehension activity with sight words
  • Student will complete 2 spelling activities with sight words
  • Student will identify their individual feelings regarding skill and complete up to 3 hands-on activities to illustrate level of understanding
  • Student will review comprehension of story and skill with final quiz
Order TODAY & Give your children the gift of MANNERS!
This is a One Year Subscription.
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