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The Etiquette Factory on Live at Five in Knoxville, TN
  The Etiquette Factory, the world leader in etiquette education, offers exclusive etiquette camps, training and services all over the world.

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The Etiquette Factory Exclusive Programs

Our Exclusive Manners Program Includes:

  • Fun Games & Kind Discussions about Proper Etiquette
  • Quick pace & Energetic Learning Styles
  • Emphasis on Helping Others to feel Valued
  • Take Home Highlights so Parents Know exactly what was Taught
  • Lots of Laughter!!
  • Guarantee of Improved Behavior & Good Manners

"Manners and etiquette lessons will draw rolls of eyes from many teenagers but our youth group and adult leaders were pleasantly surprised at how you were able to make it fit in almost ever facet of our everyday lives.  It is amazing how we take so much for granted with the way we treat others.  I can see results already when we have our Wednesday night meal at chruch.  Now the youth wait for the adults to go thorugh the line first.  Thank you for the many life lessons.  We will definitly have you bck to do more training in the future.  "
~ Marshall Barnett, Youth Minister--West Town Christian Church
"Thanks to Ms. Monica, I love etiquette. I especially love singing about it!"
~ Maddie, age 6
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