The Etiquette Factory
ph. 855-588-6266

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Monica Irvine is the owner and creator of The Etiquette Factory.  This unique and exclusive program is literally changing the world, one person at a time.  Mrs Irvine is the published author of three books on etiquette,and an additional book: A Schedules Make for a Happy Family, and the Etiquette Jukebox CD.

Ms Irvine has created a program that children love and parents adore because it really works.  As a national speaker, Mrs Irvine speaks to thousands of parents and students every year, encouraging and teaching them the skills that will ensure their personal and professional success.  

In addition, Mrs Irvine offers 8 professional workshops to businesses and corporations, giving necessary training for companies to succeed in the 21 century economy.  Workshops include topics such as professionalism, customer service, sexual harrassment and much more.

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