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Etiquette Lessons and Classes - Teaching Children Manners - Table Manners - The Etiquette Factory

We are in the etiquette business. Manners in children can be a frustration to instill, but etiquette goes beyond table manners, and works its way into all manner of social skills. Teaching children table manners can be as easy as teaching professional etiquette. With our Social Skills Curriculum, table manners and other social skills can be developed with ease.

To teach children etiquette, you have to find the commonality between children and manners. You will find that with our social skills curriculum, it can be easy to cultivate manners in children. Your child will learn skills that will impact them scholastically, socially and even into their professional life. Confidence will blossom with the social skills that will allow your child to forge ahead into their future with success. Our social skills curriculum will teach children manners, and give then the tools that will go from table manners into an understanding of business etiquette.

What is The Etiquette Factory?
The Etiquette Factory is a manners company dedicated to changing the world, one child at a time.

The Etiquette Factory offers:
Etiquette Lessons For Children including:
Dining Etiquette
Telephone Manners
Social Etiquette
Respect & Accountability
And much, much more
Table Manners
manners Games & Activities
manners Camps & Classes including:
  Summer Camps Are Fun!
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Etiquette For Girls
Etiquette For Boys
Etiquette For Children of All Ages
The Etiquette Factory Educator’s Program for those who wish to start their own Etiquette Factory business

What are Manners & Why The Etiquette Factory?

Because teaching manners is more than just which fork to use, The Etiquette Factory has manners lessons from “Basic Etiquette” to specific etiquette rules such as being polite, proper behavior for kids, table etiquette, integrity, and much much more. The key to the success of The Etiquette Factory is our fun, interactive, motivating manners curriculum. We use manners games, manners stories, manners songs, treats, crafts and kind discussion to help mom and dad teach manners.

What are You Waiting For? Shop our Products and manners Camps Today! Don’t put off another day helping your child reach his/her full potential.

The Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program:

Includes all of the following products to properly teach kids good manners:
  • Etiquette for Beginners Teachers Manual
  • Etiquette for Beginners DVD set
  • Etiquette Jukebox CD
  • Etiquette Intermediate
  • Etiquette Masters
  • 4 Etiquette “Set Right” Placemats
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Teach Children Manners
with Manners Posters and Manners Games

  • Clean Mouth 16"x20" Poster
    "Polite Rules for a Clean Mouth" poster. Wow, what a reminder. There's no better reminder to keep our mouths clean! This poster is fun but very direct and helps children remember the rules of a clean mouth. Size 16x20 inches

  • Polite Borrowing 16"x20" Poster
    Polite Borrowing Poster. Sharing is wonderful but what most people forget is the rules of borrowing. This poster is extremely effective in the classroom as it helps children remember important borrowing rules that saves friendships, hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Poster size is 16"x20"

  • 5 Steps to a Sincere Apology 16"x20" Poster
    5 Steps to a Sincere Apology. This poster is really great to help children have a visual of the 5 steps to a sincere apology taught in the Etiquette Factory curriculum. This colorful and attractive poster gives children a measuring stick to guide them as they learn to apologize sincerely. Poster size 16x20 inches

  • Stop Bullying 16"x20" Poster
    Stop Bullying Poster. It's time for all children to make the Stop Bullying Commitment. Children love to keep their word and making a verbal commitment regarding bullying is the first step in helping children recognize the signs of bullying and what they need to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. This visual reminder is a MUST for every classroom. Poster size is 16" by 20"
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