Etiquette Intermediate: Table of Contents

Day 1:  What is Etiquette

Day 2:  Integrity

Day 3:  Saying “Hello”

Day 4:  Stand Up

Day 5:  Introductions

Day 6:  More Introduction Etiquette

Day 7:  Addressing “Grown-Ups”

Day 8:  When to Shake Hands

Day 9:  “Magic Words”

Day 10:  Making Mistakes

Day 11:  Blaming Others

Day 12:  Tact

Day 13:  Rudeness

Day 14:  Giving and Receiving Apologies

Day 15:  Accepting the Word “NO”

Day 16:  When is it OK for You to say No?

Day 17:  1st Request

Day 18:  Empathy

Day 19:  Sharing

Day 20:  Borrowing

Day 21:  Eating—A Time to be with Friends and Family

Day 22:  Never Allow Others to Sit Alone

Day 23:  Eating at School (or with other Children)

Day 24:  Setting the Table

Day 25:  More Polite Table Setting Suggestions

Day 26:  Table Linens

Day 27:  Using Your Napkin

Day 28:  Sitting Politely at Table

Day 29:  Thanking and Complimenting the Cook

Day 30:  Wait…

Day 31:  Dining Considerations

Day 32:  Buffet Lines

Day 33:  Passing the Food

Day 34:  Correct Use of Utensils

Day 35:  The American Style of Dining

Day 36:  Serving and Buttering Bread

Day 37:  Removing “Unwanted Items”

Day 38:  Forks or Fingers?

Day 39:  Accidents at the Table

Day 40:  Taking the Last Bite

Day 41:  Don’t Forget…

Day 42:  Relax at Dinner Time

Day 43:  Attending Parties

Day 44:  Party Invitations

Day 45:  Gift Giving

Day 46:  Receiving Gifts

Day 47:  Arriving to the Party

Day 48:  Birthday Boy or Girl, Center of Attention

Day 49:  Participating at a Party

Day 50:  Declining Party Foods

Day 51:  Thanking the Host

Day 52:  Sending Thank-You Cards

Day 53:  When to Send Cards

Day 54:  Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Day 55:  Gifts for the Host

Day 56:  Conversations

Day 57:  Balance in Conversations

Day 58:  Think before You Speak

Day 59:  Never Reveal Confidences

Day 60:  Be Positive

Day 61:  Keep it Interesting

Day 62:  Conversation “No-No’s”

Day 63:  Interrupting

Day 64:  Entering Group Conversation

Day 65:  Exiting Conversation

Day 66:  Slamming Doors

Day 67:  Filtering Our Conversation

Day 68:  Telephone Manners

Day 69:  Telephone Safety

Day 70:  Good Behavior when Others are Using the Phone

Day 71:  Cell Phone Etiquette

Day 72:  Text Messaging

Day 73:  Social Networking Sites

Day 74:  Good Hygiene

Day 75:  Bodily Cleanliness

Day 76:  Clothes

Day 77:  No “Dragon Breath”

Day 78:  Teasing

Day 79:  Gossiping

Day 80:  Potty Mouth

Day 81:  Losing Control

Day 82:  Appropriate Gender Conversation

Day 83:  Taking Advantage

Day 84:  Family Loyalty

Day 85:  Respecting our Sibling’s Property

Day 86:  Respecting Others’ Property

Day 87:  Personal Space

Day 88:  Grocery Carts and Cars

Day 89:  Disposing of Trash Properly

Day 90:  Visiting Others’ Homes

Day 91:  Riding in Others’ Cars

Day 92:  Pet Etiquette

Day 93:  Swimming Pool Etiquette

Day 94:  Music, TV and Movie Etiquette

Day 95:  Proper Etiquette during Entertainment

Day 96:  Entering and Exiting Rows

Day 97:  Etiquette while Playing Games

Day 98:  Being a Spectator at a Sporting Event

Day 99:  Playground Etiquette

Day 100:  Acts of Kindness towards Ladies (this includes girls)

Day 101:  Acts of Kindness towards the Elderly

Day 102:  Etiquette towards those with Disabilities

Day 103:  Etiquette when Friends Come Over

Day 104:  Guest Room or Guest Basket

Day 105:  Being a Good Neighbor

Day 106:  Etiquette in the Classroom

Day 107:  Respect for Mom and Dad

Day 108:  Keeping our Rooms Clean

Day 109:  Polite Etiquette in “Houses of Worship”

Day 110:  Removal of Hats

Day 111:  While Walking…

Day 112:  A Sign of Respect for a Lady

Day 113:  Never Take More than Your Share

Day 114:  Removal of Coats

Day 115:  Gentlemen Never Leave a Lady

Day 116:  Borrowing Money

Day 117:  Sitting Gracefully

Day 118:  Unannounced Visits: a “No-No”

Day 119:  Judge Not

Day 120:  Etiquette Regarding Other Customs and Beliefs

Day 121:  Funerals

Day 122:  Biking Etiquette

Day 123:  Wedding Etiquette

Day 124:  Exiting & Entering an Elevator

Day 125:  Practice at Home