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The Etiquette Factory
by Lori Winn
Plymouth MN
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Manners Matter

In the casualness of today's society, etiquette has become a lost art, but is so necessary for success!  Lori Winn is the certified trainer for the Twin Cities area, for The Etiquette Factory and for Business Etiquette Standards. 

I have been a licensed elementary education teacher for 20 years and have taught etiquette and manners for the past 14 years.  I teach etiquette both personally for children and teens and professionally for businesses and small groups.  I specialize in helping children reach their full potential by giving them the necessary tools they need to build successful lives.  I teach in after-school programs, run camps, do etiquette luncheons at restaurants, and teach moms groups or any small group, offer camps and can tutor one on one with individuals or families.  I also offer 7 Professional Workshops for companies and small businesses.  If you do not see the class or camp or event you are looking for, I can create it!  Please contact me at to set something up or to ask more questions. 

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