Nell Program for Training and development
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Nell Program for Training and development

Neveen W. Al Muhtaseb 

Neveen is the founder of Nell Program, a specialized learning system incorporates training, education and consulting in all areas of language learning.

Neveen has a vast experience in the educational field, helping companis implement and sustain organizational changes. She also dedicates her time teachinf and training hundreds of individuals from boardroom to shop floor.

Neveen's commitment to modern languages learning has been a constant aspect of her career. Her vision of a specialized language learning program became ever clearer in 2010. That is when Nell Program was established, reflecting her believes about how to assist students improve their language skills when learning a foreign language. she called not just for observation and assesment of students, but for the development of new emerged through the years by working with different age groups and different educational levels. 

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