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Raising A Generation of Ladies & Gentlemen - Audio Book (.zip file containing 54 .mp3 files) Narrated by Monica Irvine

Listen to author Monica Irvine as she reads the book, “Raising a Generation of Ladies & Gentlemen.”  Monica is so energetic and excited to be able to bring you this incredible resource in her own voice.  With her southern charm, and her direct and straightforward approach to parenting, listening to her teach these life changing skills is simply a true delight.  Monica has a unique ability to say things and speak about things that are sometimes sensitive, controversial or even uncomfortable, yet when she says it, it feels comfortable and easy.  

Having Mrs Irvine's voice in your ear, will be a tender comfort to you as you continue to parent your children in these troubling times.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  You will be so grateful that you purchased the audio book and were able to experience this resource in this powerful format.  It’s one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself, or any parent you know.


A Note from Monica:

Every parent wants their children to be kind, compassionate and loving, while exhibiting the utmost character and integrity.  What I have learned in my experience is that it is very difficult for Moms and Dads to raise ladies and gentlemen, if they themselves do not demonstrate what it means to be a lady and a gentleman in the home.

This book is for you, Mom and Dad.  This is a 52 week (one year) study guide that helps to make sure that you have all the skills needed to be the best role models for your children that you can be.  This book will change you.  This book will change your family.

It's very simple.  Each chapter is usually just 10-12 minutes long. Then, there are a few questions and assignments that will help you to evaluate any needed improvement. I hope you will record your answers to these questions, along with your feelings in the companion journal and devotional included in this bundle.  This book will become a gem and a family heirloom that your children will cherish once they become parents.  

Don't wait another day!  This is more than a book.  It will make the next 52 weeks become some of the most treasured days of your life as you walk the road of self improvement.  I can't wait for you to experience it.

This study is wonderfully sweet to do as a couple, listening to each chapter with each other and then discussing the questions about your family.  As you go through this experience together, the Lord will impress upon your hearts needed changes for your family and you and your spouse will be more united and more endeared to each other.  I promise.

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