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Etiquette Intermediate - Printed Book

This is the Book Version of Life Skills for You

Etiquette Intermediate is 125 days of short,concise, yet vital lessons to help your child(ren) master the art of proper manners and social skills.

Now, here's the good part...this book is “child taught,” not “mom taught.” Yes, that's right. Each day your student will read the lesson and then that child will teach the family or the class the etiquette skill.

The daily activity is usually role playing the skill or a game or further discussion. This book is fun, easy and absolutely brilliant. It will soon become an invaluable treasure to your family and classroom.

What's the difference in this book and the Life Skills for You product?  This book is only the text of 125 lessons that are in the Life Skills for You program.  Many families still prefer to use a book over an online program or they at least like to have the printed version as another resource and that is just fine. This book is amazing and it will bless your family when discussed as a family.  

By having this book, you will always have the printed version of the lessons. You may use this book as a resource for years to come.

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