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Stationery Kit
Starting at $50.00
Colored Pencils:
Double Sided
Fold to Mail Writing Paper Option:
Camp Out
Stationary Box Set Option:
In the Meadows

Parents, this is the perfect gift for your child to get them excited about writing notes and letters.  Proper etiquette is helping those around us to feel valued. What better way to help our family, friends, neighbors and acquaitances to feel valued than to take 5 minutes to pen a letter or a note to them personally.  The set comes with a small how-to-write booklet with sample letters.  Any child or young adult can master the lost art of letter writing: a letter of thanks, apology, condolence, and other expressions of support and solidarity.  The simple act of sending a personal note can mean so much to its receipeint.  Give a gift that means so much and teaches great values.  It's really adorable!

Stationary Box Kit Includes:

1 - Address Book

1 - Stationary Box Set & Guide (two options for design)

1 - Fold to Mail Writing Papers (two options for design)

1 - Set of Colored Pencils (two options)

Please look thru the pictures to the left to select which designs you want for each.

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