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The Etiquette Factory Storybook Series

Yay!!!  Finally, they're here!  We are so very excited to announce the release of the first 6 books of our 12 book series.  Parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who loves a good are in for a treat and your children are going to be so excited!  

These stories are already loved by thousands of students who have heard them told my Mary Manners on the Etiquette for Beginner's DVD. But now, they get to follow along with a beautifully illustrated storybook that brings these beloved characters to life. Your children are going to ask you to read them over and over again, just like my granddaughter does, until you decide it's time to hide them.  

What is more exciting than having your children to laugh out loud while learning simple manner's skills that can change their lives?  These stories are precious, funny, tender, silly, but most of all, they really do help children understand these etiquette skills in a way that they will remember and use.

Our special offer is this: order the whole set today and receive a 20% discount, plus a FREE copy of the Etiquette Jukebox CD.  So fun!!!  The first 6 storybooks will ship immediately, however the remaining 6 storybooks will ship on Sept 1 with FREE shipping. 

We, at Etiquette Factory, could not be more excited that these storybooks are finally here.  Don't pass up this special offer.  Thank you for teaching your children etiquette and thank you for allowing The Etiquette Factory to be a part of your family.  We do not take this special trust for granted and we hope that you are completely satisfied with everything your family experiences at The Etiquette Factory.

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