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Life Skills for You (Life Time Access) - Up to 5 users

#1 Selling Product & Family Favorite!!
Table of Contents for this Product

This is the online version of the Etiquette Intermediate book.  It is the exact same lessons, however it has the following extra features:

  • 17 additional lessons
  • 3 Discussion questions per lesson
  • 3 Homework questions per lesson
  • Midterm
  • Final Exam
  • End of the Year Project (so fun)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Counts as 1/2 credit of Life Skills
  • And of course has the Video Examples to Help Visual Learners

Finally...the solution! Life Skills for You is an amazing Social Skills online curriculum that teaches each student:

  • character
  • manners
  • integrity
  • empathy
  • and so much more

142 easy, entertaining lessons that only last a few minutes each day. Life Skills for You is designed for 4th grade through high school.

How does it work?

  • Each day your student(s) will watch a 3-5 minute lesson featuring Monica Irvine.
  • Next, your class or family will discuss 3 questions that pertain to the lesson (this is so fun, only takes 5-10 minutes)
  • Finally, each student will have a "3 question" homework assignment that they can email directly to the instructor or parent (this should only take 5-15 minutes).

It's really that simple, yet the results are astounding.

Program Features:

  • 142 Life Lessons
  • 25 Question Mid-Term
  • 50 Question Final
  • End of the Year Project

What does the student GAIN from this curriculum?

  • Self confidence
  • A keen awareness of how their words & actions impact others
  • The skills they need to help them succeed personally in their lives
  • The skills they need to help them succeed professionally in their lives
  • Character, Integrity & Empathy
  • A well rounded approach to manners
  • The formula for happiness
  • A Certificate of Completion

Order TODAY & make an investment in your child's (student's) future!

Yay! You are getting a life time access to this program to use with all of your children! (in your immediate family only please)

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