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3 New Storybooks
Essential Learning for Children

Hello!  Yay!!  We just released 3 new storybooks to add to your set of 12 storybooks in the Etiquette for Beginners Program.  The 3 new books are:

  • A Birthday Not to Be Forgotten--This delightful book teaches children what types of sacrifices are made when others buy and give us presents like; time, money and effort. When childen understand the sacrifice, they are much more likely to make it a priority to give sincere words of gratitude when receiving gifts.
  • Sophia and the Telephone--Parents, just becasue we all have cell phones, does not mean we need to stop teaching our children polite telephone manners.  It's so important that our children can converse with adults politely and respectfully and learning how to engage responsibly in a telephone conversation is an essential life skill.
  • Jenny's Bravest Moment--Understanding why people bully, tease and use different behaviors to hurt others is the first step in understanding the most effective approaches to combatting bullying.  Parents, teachers, this book is essential for every child and every classroom.  Give your children the confidence they need to combat bullying and give them the understanding so they will better handle the emotional pitfalls of being teased and bullyed.
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