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One Hour Master Class "Creating a Family Plan for Dating/Courtship" (MP3)

Parents, first…relax!  Let’s remember that with God, all things are possible and let’s also remember, FEAR does not come from God.  With that said, it’s time to get excited and look forward to the years that your children will begin the process of choosing their eternal companion.  

Imagine your child being committed to keeping themselves pure and chaste so that they can enter marriage without regrets and with great anticipation for intimacy designed for a husband and a wife.  Imagine you and your child being able to openly discuss specific plans, real temptations, hopes and dreams with honesty and without inhibition.  Parents, you can have this with your children, but creating a very specific family plan is essential.  When do you start teaching your children the plan?  As soon as they can talk and throughout their life.  

Listen to Master Motivator, Monica Irvine, as she walks you through principles and specific plans to create purpose and success.  It is essential that you and your teens are completely united on the long term goal of remaining virtuous.  Don’t miss this!

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