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A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family - (pdf and ebook)
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This is a step by step guide to Organizing Your Life, Creating a Schedule and Giving your Family Peace, Productivity & Happiness. Author Monica Irvine gives you every tool, insight and direction you need to create a schedule for your family that gives you back your life, one hour at a time. Perhaps you don't think you're a "schedule" kind of a person, but you have a child that really craves routine and schedule. This book is for you. This is a short and easy read, but the information will literally secure your family relationships, increase productivity and confidence in your children and most importantly, reduce your stress.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Why Do Schedules Work and What Do They Give Our Family?
  • Children and Change
  • Routines Promote Self Mastery
  • Let's Begin By Getting Rid of the Chaos
  • The Details of Giving Our Children the Gift of Bedtime Routines
  • Devotions
  • Scheduled "Fun Time"
  • Scheduled One-on-One Time
  • Scheduled Quiet Time
  • Chores
  • Exercise
  • Music Practice
  • Date Night
  • Projects/Family Goals
  • Record Each Hour
  • Analyze
  • White Board
  • Insert
  • Try It
  • Re-evaluate
  • Selling This to Our Children
  • Commit
  • Family Meetings
  • School Schedule (for homeschoolers)
  • Organize Your Life, One Room at a Time, One Area at a Time Conclusion
  • Conclusion
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