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Parenting Workshops by Renown International Speaker, Monica Irvine
Disciplining Our Children without Breaking Their Spirits (cd only) - $7.00
Raising Girls to Be Ladies (MP3 Download) - $7.00
Raising Girls to Be Ladies (CD) - $7.00
Raising Boys to Be Gentlemen (MP3 Download) - $7.00
Raising Boys to Be Gentlemen (CD) - $7.00
Manners Matter & Mean Success (MP3 Download) - $7.00
Manners Matter & Mean Success (CD) - $7.00
A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family (MP3 download) - $7.00
A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family (CD) - $7.00
Combo of All 4 (MP3 downloads) - $25.00
Combo of All 4 (CDs) - $25.00

5 Parenting Workshops available on CD or MP3 download: Raising Girls to Be Ladies This workshop is pure motivation. Do you want your girls to be true ladies who value empathy, integrity, respect, morality and individual worth? They must see these skills in you. No, we're not perfect parents, but we can make sure that we are doing our best to exhibit the character traits that we want our children to have. We're never too old to learn, to change, to be better. As you listen to this wonderful workshop, your heart will swell and your determination will increase. This is a "must hear" by every parent. Raising Boys to Be Gentlemen Dads and moms...this workshop is so important for both of you to listen to if you are determined to raise true gentlemen. These are skills that our society do not teach any more but they are skills that will determine your son's success both personally and professionally. Please take the time to listen to this one hour workshop. Dads walk away from this workshop with a whole new perspective on the importance of being a gentlemen. Manners Matter & Mean Success Sometimes, parents need a few more skills themselves to help them be the best parents they can be. This workshop literally teaches the how and why behind 7 different skills that every child should be taught including: proper introductions, addressing adults, standing for others, accepting the word, "no" with grace, the five steps to a sincere apology, first request and table manners. You will simply love this. It will change how you parent. A Schedule Makes for a Happy Family Yes, I realize that mom and dad may not like schedules, but do you have a child that needs a schedule? Most of us do. A schedule can give your family the freedom to do the things that matter most, like one-on-one time with your children, mom/dad date nights, family fun time, family projects, etc. You will love love love this workshop and you will be so inspired to start a schedule today. Just listen and see if this doesn't change the way you look at organizing your home. Your family will thank you. Finally, Discipling Your Children without Breaking Their Spirits is a very heart felt discussion on the things we do and say that can gradually tear dowon our chidren's spirits.  Listen to this discussion and make sure that you are not doing things that cause more harm in the name of "discipline."

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