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Fold-to-Mail Stationery

Starting at $22.00
Camp Out

Parents, this stationery is adorable!!!  This is the same kind of stationery I used as a child to send letters to my grandmothers, cousins and friends.  I love it because it is a simple design, yet so so cute.  The page folds up into a cute little envelope and it comes with stickers to seal it.  

Choose from 2 adorable designs...Bandana and Camp Out.

Give your children the gift of "the pen" as you teach them the significance of taking the time to pen a card to someone they care about.  It means so much to everyone to receive a handwritten letter in the mail.  It sends the message that we are willing to take a moment of our lives to express our feelings of gratitude, sorrow, empathy, excitement, etc. so that those we love will know how much we care.

Stationery includes:

  • 24 Fold-to-Mail Writing Papers
  • 2 Pages of Stickers
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