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Stationery Set with Instruction Booklet

Teach Your Children to Give
Starting at $24.00
In The Meadow

I love both of these stationery sets because they are so colorful and well designed.  The stationery set comes in a colorful box that includes:

  • 20 Note Papers
  • 8 Second Sheets
  • 20 Envelopes
  • A simple guide for writing notes of thanks, getting well, apology, condolence & congradulations

Yes, of course it's polite to send handwritten notes to our loved ones and they are so appreicated.  However, the thing that we forget, is that teaching our childen to make this sacrifice for others, gives our children the greater gift, and that is the gift of self respect and self worth.  It feels good to know that we served someone today.  It feels good to know that we tried to help someone carry their burden or that we celebrated with our friends when they received good news.  Help your children become givers and watch them soar with happiness, honor and dignity.  It sometimes starts with a pen and paper.

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