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Do You Know Your Family Dinner/Travel Cards

Helps Your Family to Get to Know Each Other Better

Geez!  I'm so excited to tell you about this special little product.  We all just love it at The Etiquette Factory.  It's a little thing that delivers HUGE results.  May I introduce you to, Do You Know Your Family Dinner/Travel Cards.

Families, we have over 250 questions that are going to help you and your family:

  • get to know each other better.
  • have more engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • practice conversation etiquette as each person strives to answer their question in 2 minutes or less (the polite amount of time to talk before passing the torch to someone else).
  • put away social media and cell phones during this special time each day.
  • make sure that everyone feels valued and heard as each person takes their turn to answer the question.
  • feel more unified.
  • come to know that each of us has hard things, wonderful things, scary things, shocking things, etc. that we go through each and every day.
  • love each other more deeply.  For the better we know each other, the more likely love grows.

Parents, I first thought of this concept after someone very close to me passed away.  Afterwards, I realized that I had so many questions that I wish I had asked about their life and their history.  I should have taken more of an interest to learn what made this person sad, happy, excited, motivated, scared, etc.  Becasue of this experience, I came up with a long list of questions that I want to know about everyone I care about.  

Each day, whether you are in the car, at the dinner table, or wherever, pick a question and have everyone present answer it.  Get ready to fall in love with conversation all over again.

Give your family this special gift.  We have been asking our family members these questions and it creates such fun and sincere conversations.  You can't imagine what tender things are shared and what funny thigns are shared.  Don't wait another day to give your family this special gift.  You will love it!

This product comes with 267 questions in a durable plastic jar with a secure lid, along with a small travel bag so you can always keep some cards in the car to use while traveling or while visiting others.

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