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Life Skills Flash Cards
Flash Cards Promote Healthy Discussions
Starting at $13.95
What's Going On Here? - $14.95
I Heard Your Feelings - $14.95
Respect the Earth - $14.95
Good Manners - $14.95
Good Citizenship - $14.95
What Do I Do - $14.95

I simply love flashcards because they promote healthy discussions so easily without anyone feeling like their behavior is being pointed out. These flash cards by Eeboo are so well thought out and so well made. Each set comes with 48 flash cards and 2 parent cards. You can keep them in the car for some great car conversation or at the breakfast table for some great dining conversation. Another way that I love to interact with children with flash cards is with finger puppets. Children are often times much more authentic when they can express their thoughts through a puppet. Having them “act out” the correct way and the wrong way from the ideas on these flash cards are a wonderful way to really engage your children.

Set Features ‚Ė™ For ages 3 and up ‚Ė™ 48 flash cards ‚Ė™ Cards are 4.5” x 6”

Set #1 Respect the Earth
Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in the 48 cards that demonstrate answers to questions about relationship to the larger world that children can relate to. For example: Before you recycle containers, Rinse your recyclables! If you have a computer, Ask your parents to set the computer to power-saver mode. To better understand the planet, Spend time in nature and see what it can teach you.

Set #2 Good Manners
Polite pigs make manners satisfying to learn, demonstrating good behavior in familiar situations. One side of each card asks what approach or response is right for a situation; the reverse offers a good suggestion. For instance: When you answer the phone, what do you say?... "Hello, Piggie residence. Mom can't come to the phone, may I take a message? Who is calling?" What do you do when you meet someone?... Look at their eyes and give a firm handshake. You should try not to burp in public. But if a burp surprises you, what do you say?... "Please excuse me!"

Set #3 Good Citizenship
Conscientious animals demonstrate responsible community behavior. Start a conversation about social responsibility! Good citizenship skills are an essential part of early education. Children must learn that they are part of a larger community, (whether family, school, country or planet), and that responsibilities come with these relationships. These skills allow children to understand and enjoy a meaningful role in a social and ecological system larger than themselves.

Set #4 What Do I Do
The What Do I Do Flash Cards are a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of subverted social expectations. This deck of 48 cards helps children understand how to handle various social situations with poise, grace, and confidence. The encouraging illustrations and simple instructions are perfect for opening up dialogues between parents and children about what behavior may be expected from them in various social environments. By encouraging kids to understand and digest positive social behavior rather than memorizing it, these cards will help kids to comfortably respond to a wide range of social cues.

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