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Purchase Individual or as a Set
Stop Bullying - $8.95
Polite Rules for a Clean Mouth - $8.95
Polite Borrowing - $8.95
5 Steps to a Sincere Apology - $8.95
Set of 4 Posters (Stop Bullying, Polite Rules, Polite Borrowing, Sincere Apology) - $30.95

These posters are a great way to send a positive message to children. They can be purchased individually or save by purchasing as a set of 4.


Poster: Stop Bullying
It's time for all children to make the Stop Bullying Commitment. Children love to keep their word and making a verbal commitment regarding bullying is the first step in helping children recognize the signs of bullying and what they need to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. This visual reminder is a MUST for every classroom. Poster size is 16" by 20"

Poster: Polite Rules for a Clean Mouth
Wow, what a reminder.  There's no better reminder to keep our mouths clean!  This poster is fun but very direct and helps children remember the rules of a clean mouth.  Poster size is 16"x20"

Poster: Polite Borrowing
Sharing is wonderful but what most people forget is the rules of borrowing.  This poster is extremely effective in the classroom as it helps children remember important borrowing rules that saves friendships, hurt feelings and misunderstandings.  Poster size is 16"x20"

Poster: 5 Steps to a Sincere Apology
This poster is really great to help children have a visual of the 5 steps to a sincere apology taught in the Etiquette Factory curriculum.  This colorful and attractive poster gives children a measuring stick to guide them as they learn to apologize sincerely.   Poster size is 16"x20"

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