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One Hour Parenting Master Class "Discipline with Love, So we don't Break our Child's Spirit" (includes mp3 and CD)

I know you have felt the pain of regret when you have had a moment of failure when discipling your children.  I know many of you are fighting against habits you learned from your parents that you swore you would never do.  I know you want to parent with love, honor and respect, but sometimes, you don’t.

Parents, did you know that it is God’s perfect plan that his imperfect children raise his imperfect children?  He knew you and I would not be perfect parents.  He knew we would get it wrong on some days.  However, still, he knew that the best people to raise your children was YOU!  It is!  It’s you.

Listen to Master Motivator, Monica Irvine, share some invaluable insights in parenting with greater love, greater understanding and greater self control.  Mrs Irvine will help you to understand the difference in disciplining to stop or start behavior and disciplining to change our children’s hearts.  It makes ALL the difference.  If you want a loving happy healthy relationship with your adult children, you must start today creating that relationship.  Don’t miss this!

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