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One Hour Parenting Master Class "Raising Boys to be Gentlemen" (mp3)

Imagine what it will feels like, as you watch your son, even while they are young, be an example to those around him of what a true gentleman looks like, acts like and is.  His focus is on others. He notices without effort when someone near him is in need, and then quickly acts.  He guards his tongue knowing that his words have impact and his desire is to only have impact for good.

He is kind to his family and understands that his example to his family is his duty as a son of God.  He is a leader among his peers and although his standards are high, those in his presence do not feel judged by him, but accepted and valued.  His goals are lofty, however he looks forward with anticipation to be a righteous husband and father one day.  He is a true gentleman. 

Parents, this Master Class will help you understand how to create the example your son needs to become this gentleman.  You don’t want to miss this.  He needs you.

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