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One Hour Parenting Master Class "How Are Imperfect and Flawed Parents, Supposed to be Raise Valiant Children" (includes mp3 and CD)

Parents, we are imperfect. We are flawed. We don’t always do or say the right thing. We don’t always react to our children like we should. We don’t always make good parenting decisions.

So how is this supposed to work? How are our children going to be successful, happy and productive if the people teaching them and raising them often don’t know what to do or how to do it? If you worry that you aren’t enough or that you’ve already made so many mistakes that you’re not sure it’s not too late, then listen today to motivational speaker Monica Irvine give you peace and hope.

There’s only one person who wants you to feel inadequate, helpless and overwhelmed and it’s not God.  However, with God at our side, we can raise beautiful human beings depsite our failures becasue that's part of God's plan. Monica will share many practical tips in creating a home where all can grow and learn and progress in God's timing and according to his will.

Listen TODAY!

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