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One Hour Parenting Master Class "Establishing Your Parental Authority Before It's Too Late" (includes mp3 and CD)

Parents today, too many parents have given their God given parental authority over to their childen, and it's creating: chaos, anxiety, fear, upheaval, contention and discouragement in the home.

Our chldren were not designed to govern themselves.  Self governing is supposed to come in time, after Mother and Father have gently and purposefully taught their children the principles to follow.

We are seeing too many families where the children decide what they will and will not eat, when they will and will not go to bed, whether they will or will not take a bath today, etc. etc.  This type of family dynamic is not in the best interest of our children and contributes to their unhappiness.

Listen to Master Motivator, Monica Irivne, as she walks you through 5 essentials principles to help establish your parental authority so that you can have a unified family and increase the love and respect between you and your children. 

This master class has the power to change the direction of your family.  Don't wait to listen!  Listen today!

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