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Life Skills for You (Life Time Access) - Up to 5 users
#1 Selling Product & Family Favorite!!
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Life Skills for You Online Curriculum(up to 5 student accounts) - $69.95
Life Skills for You Online Curriculum plus the Etiquette Intermediate Book (up to 5 student accounts) - $84.95
Table of Contents for this Product

This is the online version of the Etiquette Intermediate book.  It is the exact same lessons, however it has the following extra features:

  • 17 additional lessons
  • 3 Discussion questions per lesson
  • 3 Homework questions per lesson
  • Midterm
  • Final Exam
  • End of the Year Project (so fun)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Counts as 1/2 credit of Life Skills
  • And of course has the Video Examples to Help Visual Learners

Finally...the solution! Life Skills for You is an amazing Social Skills online curriculum that teaches each student:

  • character
  • manners
  • integrity
  • empathy
  • and so much more

142 easy, entertaining lessons that only last a few minutes each day. Life Skills for You is designed for 4th grade through high school.

How does it work?

  • Each day your student(s) will watch a 3-5 minute lesson featuring Monica Irvine.
  • Next, your class or family will discuss 3 questions that pertain to the lesson (this is so fun, only takes 5-10 minutes)
  • Finally, each student will have a "3 question" homework assignment that they can email directly to the instructor or parent (this should only take 5-15 minutes).

It's really that simple, yet the results are astounding.

Program Features:

  • 142 Life Lessons
  • 25 Question Mid-Term
  • 50 Question Final
  • End of the Year Project

What does the student GAIN from this curriculum?

  • Self confidence
  • A keen awareness of how their words & actions impact others
  • The skills they need to help them succeed personally in their lives
  • The skills they need to help them succeed professionally in their lives
  • Character, Integrity & Empathy
  • A well rounded approach to manners
  • The formula for happiness
  • A Certificate of Completion

Order TODAY & make an investment in your child's (student's) future!

Yay! You are getting a life time access to this program to use with all of your children! (in your immediate family only please)

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