Professional Advantage Series
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Professional Advantage Series

I am excited to join the team as an Account Executive for The Etiquette Factory. I specialize in professional development consultation, job interviewing tactics, and instructing children and youth in etiquette and manners.
I was inspired to begin etiquette and professionalism consulting after seeing a decline in etiquette, manners, and professionalism in the medical field. With 14 years of experience in Certified Clinical Medical Assisting, I know firsthand the challenges of client relations and customer service. Too often, employees are too self-centered and think too little about how their actions impact others. Gossip, complaining, and disputes between employee hurt business and keep employees from reaching their true potential.
Through training from The Etiquette Factory, I enjoy helping employers and employees alike to overcome these obstacles and see an increase in customer loyalty, employee integrity, and a reputation for professionalism.
I believe that teaching etiquette at a young age establishes habits that set young men and women on a path for success. Etiquette, soft skills, and manners help us at every phase of life. Itís never too late to improve ourselves. I love helping others become their best self. It all begins with etiquette and that is why I love doing what I do!

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