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Testimonials for The Etiquette Factory

Our training has worked to improve etiquette skils for many boys and girls. Below are just a few of their testimonies.

"I have to tell you that we LOVE The Etiquette Factory! My children beg to do their etiquette lessons. Best of all, I can already see such a difference in their behavior. On a more personal note, your curriculum has been so helpful in teaching my son with Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) proper social skills. It's very hard for him to learn by observing others. I love that the Etiquette Factory breaks everything down into great detail and bite-size chunks for him. So much makes sense to him now that before was confusing. He's gained so much confidence in his social skills, and that confidence has helped him more eagerly approach social situations he would have avoided in the past. You really have a great product for this market. It's another avenue for you to pursue. You have one happy customer!"
~ Dede, Mom
"What a true blessing for my 12 year old son to spend a week with you in the etiquette camp. It is great to hae someone else to reaffirm what we teach in our family (but you seeminly made it more fun... how do you do that?). We look forward to mroe occasions with you and etiquette."
~ Jamie, mom
"Both my boys (11 and 8) attended Monica Irvine's etiquette camp this summer and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise for them. Most people snickered when they heard I signed my "boys" up for manners camp, but I was excited to see what they might learn. They came home every day saying they learned a lot, Ms. Irvine made it fun and they wanted to go back each day! I appreciated the recap sheet she sent home daily showing what they had learned and allowing us as parents to test their knowledge. Our boys even showed us a few new things and helped us brush up on our own etiquette skills. I would highly recommend any child (boy or girl) to attend her camp. You will not be disappointed - you will be pleasantly surprised by how much your kids will learn in a fun setting."
~ Karen, mom
"It was fun. You get to learn a lot of new things. I made a lot of cool friends there. I had a great time!"
~ Matthew, age 9
"It was real cool. You learn lots of manners. You can make lots of new friends. It's fun and gets you pumped up."
~ Ben, age 6
"Hi Ms. Irvine. I loved etiquette camp and I learned a lot from you. I had a lot of fun. I remember everything you taught us and I've been telling everyone about it. I've been using my manners as much as I can and I'm really glad I went to your etiquette camp."
~ Sydney, age 10
"I have enjoyed using the Etiquette Intermediate book with my sons this year. I feel that this is the best manners program I have seen and I want to tell everyone about it!"
~ Tina
"Thank you for making the camp a fun experience for my daughters, Anna and Elizabeth. They looked forward to attending each day, and the checklist was a great way for me to discuss the things they had learned at the end of each session."
~ Jan, Mom
"Please see review at:"
~ Our Busy Homeschool Blog
"To see our review, please visit us at:"
~ Heart of the Matter Blog
"I just purchased the intermediate and my kids are so conscious of their etiquette now! Thank you! We also purchased the placemats and they are so excited to help set the table now."
~ Allison from Asheboro, NC
"My kids love the Etiquette Factory!† The songs are a great way to reinforce the lesson we've covered during the week.† They are fun and catchy.† As a music educator, I appreciate the variety of musical genre.† The best part of the program is that it doesn't just teach beginner basics, but that the program grows with you to include many lessons from which most adults could benefit.† Thanks for a fantastic program! "
~ Jenny, mother of 6
"Our two children had an immediate positive reaction to our Etiquette Factory kit. They especially love the placemats. What was most interesting to me was how they really started to "thank the chef". They are both much more appreciative of how their meals get to the table, assisting setting the table, and it has renewed both of their interest in helping actually prepare the meals! "
~ Steve & Joyce from Grove City, OH
"Hello I'm a real mom and I just purchased the Etiquette program for my daughter age 6 and triplet boys age 3 1/2 and meal time is such a joy now. Everyone loves the table mats b/c they each have a special job and feel like they play a part in dinner. They didn't always use their manners and now more often than not they are more aware of their manners. I love the program and thank you."
~ KK from Hickory, NC
"My kids love The Etiquette Factory. It's amazing what a difference it has made in their behavior. Thanks for the wonderful lessons. "
~ John (Dad) from Brandon, FL
"We bought The Etiquette Factory Beginners packet last year at the Alabama CHEF Convention. I must say that it was the best set of books we brought home. The kids love listening to the CD's and watching the DVD's. It has made such a big difference in the way they interact with others as well and our family. The kids have more respect for each other and the "No Whining" policy and excepting No gracefully has really worked for us. I will be getting the intermediate Etiquette this year at the convention and can't wait to see what else is in store for us. Watching your kids grow in a well mannered Christian way is the best thing I can offer my kids. Thanks "
~ Melissa from Mobile, AL
"I just purchased the intermediate and we just started! My son has only had one lesson;however he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was short and to the point. the activity reinforced the lesson. I love this program and I'm so glad I found it. It's affordable and geared to special needs and autistic children without being too immature. My son needs help, but he is still sensitive and doesn't want to be treated like a baby. This was just right. I would love to see videos or some type of visual aides that were for older kids that were affordable. "
~ Jennifer, mom of son with autism
" I purchased the kit for younger kids just last week and my 3- and 4-year old already have the songs memorized! My son asked me to take him to meet Mary Manners so he could play ring-around-the-rosy with her and take a tour of the etiquette factory! He is constantly noticing "bad manners" in others now (so amazing!). My daughter has been teaching my husband how to not be a "jungle daddy" (a character we made up to mimic the week #1 lesson), and once she teaches daddy how to have good manners then she gets to take him out for ice cream. We're having a blast with our Etiquette Factory lessons! Thanks again! † "
~ Traci from Greenwood, IN
"I do enjoy "the Etiquette Factory."† I love how it works with multiple children within the same family.† It gives the older children a chance to learn teaching skills and speaking skills by teaching the younger ones.† And it helps the younger ones to think about what they are doing each day.† And it really makes the whole family learn together including Mom and Dad.† We remind each other about our manners.† A great tool to instill character. "
~ Michelle, mother of five
"I recently purchased Etiquette Factory to use with my preschool students. †They love the program. The parents are so thrilled that we are offering Etiquette in our curriculum. Your program is fun and interesting for the children. †I even purchased the older addition to use with my own boys age Ten and seventeen. †I expected resistance but to my surprise even they were engaged! Thanks for a great program."
~ Robin from York, PA
"Hello!† We have used "Mary Manners," as it is known in our house, for a week now.† We are loving it.† This is our bridge from preschool to kindergarten homeschool.† "
~ Brandi from Acton, IN
"Hello!  I first want to say thank you for The Etiquette Factory!  We began it in June and over the couse of the summer we have noticed some major changes in our 5 year old.  He is more polite, is constantly spreading kindness, and (the ultimate reward for a Momma) has been praised by young and old for his manners.  It has been just great, and as a matter of fact, I am sort of kicking myself for not ordering the high school level program for my much younger siblings.  :)  We are please as punch with The Etiquette Factory."
~ Brandi, mother of 5 year old
"We LOVE the Etiquette Factory so much we included it in our blog this week as we share some of our homeschool favorites!  We are using the intermediate program with a group of 5 homeschool boys and it is wonderful.  Thanks for a great product! Susan World For Learning"
~ Susan World
"Homeschool Blog Review:  Fortunately, we have a compnay like The Etiquette Factory..."
~ Michael Leppert
I met you at the Seattle homeschool conference last summer. I picked up the
etiquette factory and have used it regularly to start our homeschool day . My
6 year old and 4 year old twins love your stories and songs. Even my 2 year old
boy tries to sing along with "Kindness" and "Crazy Clean Machine.". Your
mixture of teaching with catchy tunes has been just perfect for our family.
thanks for your efforts. They have blessed our home.
PS. we've made most of the treats too, and they just love that!

~ Janene
~ Naomi M @ Pixie Dusted Homeschool
~ Jodi Whisenhunt@ Magical Mouseschool House
~ Lynnae, The Freelance Homeschool Mom
"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the manners camp this week.  My girls had an amazing time and learned so many things that they have been practicing.  They spent most of the day yesterday singing the songs from the cd and then when a song would stop, I would hear them start whining saying, "I am so sad that camp is over."  I love the conversations I have had with my girls about different things that you have covered over the week of camp. Great conversation starters for us and I see more of understanding of why mom and dad sometimes do the things they do, like saying no. Thank you again for your time and it was such a pleasure to meet you.  My girls are already missing you."
~ Angela, mom of 2 girls
"I purchased the Life Skills for You online program from you at the curriculum fair yesterday and my 11 yr old son just LOVES it!  He did six lessons in a row last night and I had to force him to get offline and go to bed.  Just wanted to say thanks for a great product.  I'll be recommending it to many friends.  Thank you."
~ Misty, Mom
"Manners and etiquette lessons will draw rolls of eyes from many teenagers but our youth group and adult leaders were pleasantly surprised at how you were able to make it fit in almost ever facet of our everyday lives.  It is amazing how we take so much for granted with the way we treat others.  I can see results already when we have our Wednesday night meal at chruch.  Now the youth wait for the adults to go thorugh the line first.  Thank you for the many life lessons.  We will definitly have you bck to do more training in the future.  "
~ Marshall Barnett, Youth Minister--West Town Christian Church
"Thanks to Ms. Monica, I love etiquette. I especially love singing about it!"
~ Maddie, age 6
"I used to think etiquette was boring, but now I've learned how fun it can be!"
~ Skylar, age 9
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