The learning Planet offers Etiquette Factory
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The learning Planet offers Etiquette Factory

Jemine Mejire is a licensed Etiquette educator for children and adults. Also a former banker with over 12 years experience and scores of people centered trainings, she is very passionate about child nuturing and parenting. She currently owns "The Learning planet" set up to teach skills not adequately addressed in school learning environments.

At "The Learning Planet offers Etiquette Factory", social skills are taught through kind discussions,fun games and role play to children ages 5-12 and teens. Some of the skills include proper introductions, tact,being a guest, dining etiquette, handling teasing and bullying and so much more.

Our goal is to impact and nuture skills of empathy,intergrity,confidence and charity in the personalty of the children we come in contact with.


Jemine Mejire is married with three children

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