Etiquette Factory 3 Phase Learning Program Combo


Parents & Educators,

This is level 1,2 and 3 of our curriculum (For ages pre-k through 12th grade). This is the original curriculum that The Etiquette Factory developed. This product is for families/schools who do not have dependable wi-fi, or who still just enjoy paper over the screen which I know is still many of us. Please watch the video next to this description to learn more about this product.

We have sold thousands of this bundle and it has transformed so many lives. It is wonderful and the content is still as relevant today as it was 10 years ago when it was created. The DVD in this product was not filmed in High Resolution so please keep that in mind.

You also have the wonderful opporutuntiy to add the storybook collection to this bundle. Mary Manners tells the stories on the DVD but children love to read along in their own storybook. They truly are precious.

If you would like to know how we have updated this product and what products we now have that replaces this original bundle, keep reading.

The new FUNdamentals4Kids (a monthly manners subscription box) now replaces the Teacher’s Manual, DVD, and CD in this product.  It has it’s own website which you are welcome to visit and I recommend that you do. Please keep in mind that if you go to this website, you will be leaving The Etiquette Factory website. You can vist FUNdamentals4Kids by clicking HERE.

The Life Skills Essentials Bundle now replaces the Etiquette Intermediate book and the Etiquette Masters book in this product.

If you have any questions about this wonderful product or need advice about which product is best for your family, please email me at:

Purchase the 3 Phase Learning Program designed to educate, inspire and motivate children, ages pre-school through high school, in the art of etiquette.


  • Etiquette for Beginners Teachers Manual
  • Etiquette for Beginners DVD set
  • Etiquette Jukebox CD
  • Etiquette Intermediate
  • Etiquette Masters
  • 4 Etiquette “Set Right” Placemats

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